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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope




We see you, Sagittarius—and we hear you too! This month puts the spotlight on you in a really big way, and you can’t help but attract attention. Ready for your close-up? This month, the Sun, Mercury retrograde and a total solar eclipse will sweep through Aries and your fifth house of passion, fame and self-expression, and you couldn’t hide from the world if you tried.

With el Sol in your festive, flirtatious fifth house until April 19, you’ve got license to prioritize pleasure and live out loud. But pay attention to how high you crank the volume because this passionate cycle comes with a small hitch. Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde from April 1 to 25. (April Fool’s? We wish!)

We’re certainly not suggesting that you hit the mute button now. But know this: Just when the cosmos hands you the mic, there’s some feedback. (Um, testing…1,2,3?) During Mercury retrograde phases, which happen three to four times a year, technology, communication and travel can get wonky. The antidote: Back up your data and devices, confirm that your passport is up to date, and choose your words with the utmost care. And make sure your messaging is tight before you DO step up to that proverbial microphone. Practice and preparation are your Mercury-proofing musts!

As a candid Sagittarius, your outspokenness already pushes the envelope. This month, however, you’re at risk of being wildly misunderstood—especially if you drop too many truth bombs. Your usual comedic timing may be off a couple beats. Go easy on the snark and sarcasm, even if the temptation to make a joke is hard to resist.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries, you could deal with unexpected drama or diva demands from people—and watch that you don’t create those yourself. Retrogrades bring back people and unresolved situations from our past. An ex or old love interest could resurface. Have you abandoned a creative project? On the plus side, this phase could inspire a return to your passions, whether artistic or romantic. Maybe the second time will be the charm!

Ready or not, you could be thrust into the public eye by the second week of the month. On April 8, the skies serve up a total solar eclipse in Aries. This supercharged new (super)moon will darken the skies across much of the United States, but it will light YOU and your passions up like Times Square at night!

If that wasn’t intense enough, the day will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler Chiron. We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon.

From romance to a creative project to a decadent outing, feel free to pull out the stops now. Anything that gets sparked today could continue to unfold over the coming six months. Who knows what could come of putting your unfiltered Sagittarian self out there boldly? 

With communicator Mercury and healing Chiron both in Aries, your words can have a much bigger impact on someone’s life than you even realize. You won’t know unless you (compassionately) articulate them. At this eclipse, think of people who may still be struggling to find confidence in areas where you feel free to express yourself. How can you create a safe space for everyone to open up? 

Since the fifth house is the domain of play and childhood, consider how you might make use of art, music or another creative channel to accomplish that. Try “gamifying” a work project that’s felt boring or overwhelming. Make it a challenge or competition with friends and family. Reward yourselves for reaching milestones. A little adrenaline rush or dopamine hit goes a long way for your novelty-seeking sign!

This eclipse is the second half of a spring eclipse duo. The first one, on March 25, was a lunar eclipse in Libra and your eleventh house of teamwork and collaboration. Figuring out who the right partners are for your mission was key. Before you can soar as a solo star and produce your grand visions properly, you need to make sure you’ve got proper backup and that key roles are clearly mapped out. 

Whew, Sag…it’s a lot to process! Are you ready to bring some order to your life? On April 19, the Sun sails into Taurus for a month, heating up your sixth house of health, organization and systems. Aries season has been (mostly) fun and definitely opened up the channels to exciting new terrain. But unless you’re anchored, it’ll be hard for you to fly at full wingspan without feeling like you’re gonna crash.

The answer, luckily, is to simplify—or better, to systematize. You don’t want to say no to the exciting opportunities, but you DO want to have the capacity to say yes to them. And you can’t do that if you’re overcommitted and exhausted!

After a decadent Aries season, you’re revved up to get your glow back. Spring flings give way to spring training—and spring cleaning since the sixth house also rules organization and “green” living. Slip into those sneakers and go for a hike (‘tis the season to bask in nature’s restorative beauty!). Pick up some non-toxic cleaning products, a few seed packets and some seasonal farmer’s market produce. Then get busy decluttering, filing, planting and prepping healthy meals. 

The motivation could arrive swiftly on April 20, when your ruler, expansive Jupiter, makes an ultra-rare conjunction (meetup) with innovator Uranus in Taurus. These two planets only connect every 14 years, and their last time joining up in Taurus was all the way back in May 1941.

You could be inspired to totally revolutionize your approach to health and wellness. Whether by necessity or a desire for more energy and a longer lifespan, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction sounds the call to prioritize your need for less stress, a more streamlined schedule and better rest. Your on-the-go sign can easily forget that you’re still a human being living in a body (so inconvenient).

That doesn’t have to mean “boring,” Sag. With tech-savvy Uranus in the mix, you could make use of cutting-edge methods to monitor your vitals, eat right for your unique biochemistry and keep on top of medical appointments. Turn your glow-up into a fun adventure by leaning in to global Jupiter’s love of learning, philosophy and foreign cultures. How do people live past 100 in that small village on the other side of the world? Explore some metaphysical practices that tap into the wisdom of mind, body and soul. Think of your health as a journey, not a destination. Make treating your body like a temple the ultimate act of decadence.

Learning new skills is also an option, especially since Jupiter rules higher education. Generative AI? Large language models? Nerdspeak like this could suddenly become part of your daily parlance as Jupiter and Uranus take you on a data-driven field day and awaken your inner geek. Don’t be surprised if “prompt engineer” becomes an intriguing career path or you have a major aha moment about how to incorporate the most cutting-edge technology into your next-level career plans. Didn’t see that one coming? Jupiter and Uranus are master curveball-throwers.

The sixth house rules pets and helpful people, two potential outlets for decreasing stress in your life. Don’t be surprised if the April 20 transit brings a cuddly creature into your life,or connects you to the perfect wingperson who can help you carry out your ambitious ideas. The key will be to delegate, which isn’t easy for a visionary sign like yours. But if you map out your plans and processes, perhaps with a handy training manual or documentation, you can pass along some of the duties that are zapping your precious time.

Surrendering to support isn’t easy, but it CAN be done. On April 23, the year’s only Scorpio full moon beams into your twelfth house of healing, endings and release. If you’ve been clinging to an outmoded situation, this lunar light can shine a light on a savvy exit strategy. 

Where have you been swimming upstream? Release the struggle. You may be unusually tired with la luna in this restful zone, but don’t fight that need either. Your subconscious is highly activated, and you could receive important information through your dreams or meditation. Pay attention to strong gut feelings as your intuition is sending powerful guidance.

With Mercury retrograde for a couple more days, you’d be wise to give yourself a little more time. Eager as you are to blast ahead, Sagittarius, make sure to sweep those last cobwebbed corners clean. You’ll be ready to charge ahead into an exciting May, where new work opportunities and partnerships await! Your mantra until then: Let go to grow. If something is meant for you, it will find you again.

Feelings aren’t facts, but yours certainly have lots to say this month! As the love planets both travel through emotional and expressive zones of your chart, you’re a veritable fountain when it comes to your inner landscape. Share (responsibly), Sagittarius, being mindful not to flood people if a lot comes pouring out. Whew! You may need to put a couple extra support systems in place to navigate this month.

What’s causing you to be so unusually open about your personal process? Until April 30, intensifier Mars is in Pisces and your sensitive fourth house, putting you in touch with your softer side but at times making you thin-skinned and moody. Make sure to get out of the house since Mars in this domestic zone can give you a case of cabin fever and cause a storm to build.

Luckily, spring fever is alive and well! Romantic Venus is in Aries and your passionate, effusive fifth house from April 5 to 29. You’re feeling frisky and flirty, and the April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries could bring an incredible love breakthrough.

But wait…is that an ex we spy? With Mercury retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25, you could be tempted to take an amorous trip down your memory lane. Maybe the second time’s the charm. Or perhaps this person is a messenger, mirroring how much you’ve grown since the last encounter. Whatever the case, some unresolved part of your past could come up. For couples, there may be unfinished business to settle, or just a call to revive those dormant date nights and to add more spice back to your sex life.

With the Sun and an April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries—your fifth house of creativity, fame and self-expression—your star is shining!. Your outspoken sign is famous for letting it all hang out, and now you have a cosmic permission slip to do just that. Entertain the troops, Sagittarius, being your side-splittingly hilarious self. 

But do use your better judgment and a few filters. With Mercury, the planet of communication, in a tricky retrograde, too much edge could read as offensive. You can’t be too careful these days, so avoid treading into inappropriate terrain, especially if it could come across as bigoted or bullying. Since eclipses bring unexpected events, you could find yourself at the center of everyone’s attention. You want that to be for your superpowers, not a scandal!

If you’re an artist, this is an excellent time to book a gallery show or an opening or upload a performance piece onto TikTok and watch your followers and fanbase soar. Blow the dust off an abandoned creative project while Mercury is retrograde. 

You’re ready to get down to brass tacks on April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your administrative sixth house. For the next four weeks, focus on getting organized. Look at where you can delegate and share the load with a team. 

A major epiphany around your systems, organization and work arrives at the April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction—their first time meeting in Taurus since 1941. How do you want to serve the world and what difference do you hope to make? You’re never too young to think about your legacy and impact. 

Risk-taker Jupiter is your ruling planet, and when it combines its inspirational touch with innovative Uranus, you’ll get a glimpse of where you can dream up a world-changing idea. Sixth house themes like climate, technology and equitable wages could be fertile ground for your Sagittarian visions.

Love Days: 8, 12

Money Days: 19, 1

Luck Days: 15, 26

Off Days: 10, 14, 23

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