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Aries Monthly Horoscope




What a time to be an Aries! This month could be one of the most powerful portals of self-actualization that you’ve had in a long, long time. (Which is saying a lot because life has been brimming with changes for a while!)

So what, exactly, does that mean, Ram? It’s time to step fully into being YOU. And April will have no shortage of opportunities to do just that.

With the Sun, Mercury (retrograde) AND a total solar (supermoon) eclipse in YOUR sign, April is a boldfaced invitation to go full-frontal Aries. And don’t be surprised if the universe forces your hand! Without even trying, you could have serendipitous moments that feel divinely arranged. 

The Sun is making its usual rounds through Aries until April 19. Yay for that! The catch? From April 1 to 25, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde—in Aries—which could cause you to feel wildly misunderstood. Some of your grand plans might require a few extra rounds at the drawing board before you can really launch them. We recommend holding off on the big and splashy launches until after Mercury retrograde, and even until after the shadow period (aka the “retroshade”) fully dissipates on May 13. Each day after April 25, things will get easier and easier.

That said, we know that as an Aries, patience is not your strong suit. To navigate these planetary plot twists, you’ll have to creatively work around any cosmic curveballs that crop up along the way. While Mercury’s retrograde, don’t take the first offer you receive or shoo away your intuition. Ask as many questions as necessary, even if you’re worried that you’re annoying people. You can’t be too careful during a month like this!

Mercury retrograde is a tricky transit can that scramble technology, communication and travel, so be sure to back up your data and devices as soon (and as often) as possible. Triple-check your reservations, renew passports and licenses and make sure anything you put in writing has been fully vetted. Think twice before you press “post” or “publish” on a controversial opinion. 

If you’re rolling out a new offering or debuting some big news, test everything, have enough support in place and make sure your messaging really resonates with your audience. A few trial rounds will help you see where there might be cracks in the foundation or areas to improve. That way, you can make progress in April and be ready to send out a much tighter final product in May.

Another reason NOT to rush into anything? We’re smack in the middle of eclipse season, a time of plot twists and changes without notice. From March 25 to April 8, two eclipses are shaking up business as usual in your relationships and personal priorities. The March lunar eclipse was in Libra and your partnership zone, changing the terms and dynamics of your closest ties.

On April 8, a total solar eclipse (also a supermoon) in Aries accelerates your personal growth and pushes you to blaze a brand-new trail. Visible in a wide swath of the United States, this huge cosmic event will bring sweeping changes and realizations. 

On this day, the sky will feature SIX placements in Aries: the Sun, moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, the north node and healer-feeler comet Chiron. We’ve nicknamed this event the Chironeclipse, since Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon. For you, this could be a decisive moment in shedding painful old scripts about yourself that have held you back. Do you have a personal story to share that could be useful to others, a challenge you’ve overcome or an experience that taught you tough but crucial life lessons? This could somehow figure into anything you start near this date.

With all of these planets in your first house of appearances and visibility, you may have a healing moment around self-image. Have you been critical of the way you look? Unaware of how you come across to others? You might be motivated to dramatically change your hair or personal style or to learn new techniques for effective public speaking, for example. 

Ready for a LITTLE hit of stability, Aries? When the Sun moves into Taurus and your second house of security and money on April 19, you’ll shift from birthday mode to a builder mindset. While you’ll still need to be mindful of Mercury retrograde, it will be much easier to start mapping out a few concrete plans.

Review where you put your time and resources: Are you getting the most value for your time and efforts? You’ve had a lot of ideas over the past month, sparked by this supercharged Aries season. Now one or two of them may reveal their power to go the distance. Invest a little time and map out their potential. 

Over the next four weeks, the key is prioritizing. What will give you the most joy while also paying the bills? Your Taurus season mission: recalibrate your life to the highest level of satisfaction. At the intersection of comfort and curiosity, there IS a job or lifestyle that will please you, Aries (and that’s no easy task). Think: something with just enough consistency to keep you out of chaos while allowing your restless, trailblazing sign to go bigger, higher, faster and pursue the novelty you crave. 

Of course, you’re not out of the “surprise!” woods yet. On April 20, expansive Jupiter and experimental Uranus will make a rare conjunction (meetup) in Taurus. Unexpected income or a fresh revenue source could arrive out of the blue. These two freedom-seeking planets like to think outside the box. When they join their powers, it could feel like a second solar eclipse this month—in other words, expect the unexpected!

Jupiter and Uranus only connect like this every 14 years, and their last time linking up in Taurus was in May 1941—a time when the United States was in the middle of World War II and recovering from the Great Depression. That same kind of grit, though to a lesser extent, might come in handy with these two innovative planets in tenacious Taurus. Where might you break through a barrier around your financial and material security or your personal sense of self-worth? 

Business as usual could get a shake-up at the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Stay optimistic and open to something totally new. Jupiter is in Taurus until May 25 of this year, and Uranus will remain here until April 2026. The next month is especially powerful for you to push through any limits (or limiting beliefs). And it’s about time!

An emotional release could be in the cards on April 23, when the Scorpio full moon activates your eighth house of intimacy, merging and release. Bottled-up feelings may pour out unexpectedly. A simmering sexual connection could consummate into a full-blown affair. For longtime couples, this full moon could bring an engagement, pregnancy or major step toward something permanent. Or you might go to the other extreme and call the whole thing off. A joint business venture can also turn official now.

The Scorpio full moon will also spotlight investments, shared resources and long-term wealth. Examine your big-picture plans with a keen eye, and perhaps the help of a financial adviser. A real estate matter can gain traction, or you could find ways to grow your money through passive income streams.

Once Mercury turns direct (forward) on April 25, you can put some of those ideas into action. If possible, try to avoid making anything legally binding or official before the retrograde ends. Until then, keep experimenting in small doses until you perfect your formula. In hindsight, you’ll be so glad that you did.

Endings, beginnings or a little bit of both? This month, the love planets, Venus and Mars, are in contrasting signs and have dueling agendas that at times could be hard to serve. 

For the first few days of April, both Venus and Mars are in Pisces, igniting your twelfth house of fantasy, escape and closure. This could be the end of a relationships cycle that hasn’t been serving you, perhaps because one or both of you have made too many sacrifices, or are doing an unfair share of the emotional labor. It could also mean a sweet surrender to your softer side, which allows you to truly receive the love being offered. Let it in, Aries.

Mars will remain in Pisces until April 30, so prepare to navigate the emotional depths you might normally avoid. With an April 8 solar eclipse in Aries and Mercury retrograde in your sign through April 25, there’s a lot of past stuff to process before you can fully leap into the eclipse-fueled fresh-start energy. 

Fear not, you’ll get a hit of spring fever anyhow. On April 5, romantic Venus shifts into Aries, taking up residence until the 29th. After feeling kind of invisible in March, you’re suddenly turning heads. Pull some of the edgier pieces out of your closet. Get out of the cocoon and have a little fun again. Spontaneity is sexy!

In a relationship or seeing someone? Start being more upfront about your needs and desires, as this assertive Venus cycle encourages you to express yourself openly. (Just be prepared to grant the other person the same level of radical honesty.) 

The emphasis on new beginnings could find you exploring a totally different look (hair color, wardrobe, makeup) or a radical new mindset and lifestyle. Experiment, research and sample before you make any irreversible changes. Mercury retrograde can really overshoot the mark. You don’t want to regret that tattoo or hair chop, Aries. 

Does a connection feel a little too close for comfort? Take more solo space if you’ve gotten too couple-y with Mars in Pisces. Clinginess will be a turn-off, but you may be just as guilty of creating that vibe. Bear that in mind before you make any accusations or proclamations.

Single? Look for self-sufficient people who bring new adventures and an element of excitement. Although you might start craving stability on April 29, when Venus move into grounded Taurus, it might not last long. Independent Mars moves into Aries on April 30, and your urge for adventure will get even spicier.

New opportunities are flooding in, but you’ll have to take them a step at a time. The April 8 total solar eclipse in Aries can bring a clarifying epiphany about who you are and how you want to contribute to the world. But leaving your mark isn’t an overnight thing, Ram. How committed to this path are you? 

Give that an honest evaluation, especially while Mercury is retrograde in Aries from April 1 to 25. You may have unfinished business to address alongside the new beginnings. With Mars in Pisces and your twelfth house of endings, there’s no avoiding those lingering projects and obligations. Just know that you could feel both wired AND tired, and it could be a bit of a slog to get to the finish line. Prioritize rest and don’t take on more than you can humanly handle.

The April 23 Scorpio full moon activates your eighth house of wealth and investments. This money moment could bring a windfall, perhaps in the form of a juicy tax refund, a commission or a large lump sum. You may also have to make a larger payment now. Or, you could decide it’s time to put a serious chunk toward one of your goals, whether that means buying equipment, hiring an expert or upgrading a part of a business that will help you multiply your revenue.

Love Days: 15, 21

Money Days: 10, 1

Luck Days: 8, 26

Off Days: 19, 23, 6

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