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WWE champion Cody Rhodes to face United States champion Logan Paul in King and Queen of the ring clash | WWE News – Times of India



NEW DELHI: Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with General Manager Nick Aldis summoning The Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes, to the ring. Aldis wasted no time in revealing Rhodes’ next opponent: none other than the United States Champion, Logan Paul. Paul boldly declared his desire to headline the upcoming King and Queen of the Ring Pay-Per-View in a Champion vs.Champion clash.
Rhodes, however, had different plans. He demanded that the United States Championship be on the line as well, aiming to add another accolade to his collection and become a Grand Slam Champion. Paul swiftly rebuffed Rhodes, asserting his status as the current longest-reigning champion in the company and proclaiming the dawn of the Logan Paul Levesque Era.

In a tense exchange, Paul challenged Rhodes to confront the reality that his narrative was incomplete without Paul’s involvement. He vowed to author the final chapter by dethroning Rhodes in Saudi Arabia and seizing the championship. Rhodes, undeterred, fired back, highlighting Paul’s reliance on underhanded tactics such as brass knuckles to secure victories.
As tensions escalated, the stage was set for a high-stakes showdown between two titans of the ring. With personal vendettas and championship aspirations colliding, the impending clash between Cody Rhodes and Logan Paul promised to be a defining moment in WWE history.
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