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Worried about solar eclipse, US astrologer kills husband, throws kids out of moving SUV



In a tragic incident, an astrologer in the United States reportedly killed her husband and kids fearing bad effects about solar eclipse.

Danielle Johnson, who provided spiritual services like “aura cleanses” and zodiac readings, stabbed her husband. Then she took off in a Porsche Cayenne with her two daughters, one nine years old, the other only eight months, only to shove them out of the car while driving on a highway. Only the nine-year-old child survived.

Before committing the crime, Johnson reportedly told followers that Monday’s total solar eclipse in North America was “the epitome of spiritual warfare.”

“This eclipse is the epitome of spiritual warfare. Get your protection on and your heart in the right place. The world is very obviously changing right now and if you ever needed to pick a side, the time to do right in your life is now. Stay strong you got this,” she wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on April 4 under her online pseudonym Danielle Ayoka.

Johnson did not survive for long though. She died after her car Porsche Cayenne collided with a tree at a high speed of 100 miles per hour, resulting in Johnson’s death.

Johnson’s body had been so disfigured in the crash that identification was difficult, the Times reported.The aftermath revealed a grim scene at the family apartment, with bloody footprints leading to the body of 29-year-old Jaelen Allen Chaney, who had been fatally stabbed in the heart. Law enforcement sources confirmed the connection between Johnson and Ayoka.

While eclipses have historically been associated with apocalyptic beliefs, scientists dismiss these notions as unfounded. Monday’s solar eclipse provided a captivating celestial event for millions across North America, offering a glimpse of the Sun’s corona as the Moon passed in front of it. Although Los Angeles only experienced a partial eclipse, many regions from Mexico to eastern Canada witnessed the phenomenon.

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