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Why every man needs a Logan Roy power cardigan

“I’m a hundred feet tall,” the fictional media magnate Logan Roy tells Kerry, his “friend, assistant, and advisor” (wink wink), in the first episode of Succession season four. “And everyone else is pygmies.”

How to dress such a figure, you may wonder, both high on ego and yet – reality check – more of a stereotypically shorter, older, and plumper billionaire profile?

For Logan (played by Brian Cox) the solution lies in the shawl-collar cardigan, a style popularised by Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, which Esquire magazine once dubbed, suitably, “the Kingliest Sweater”.

Four seasons in, Logan is now synonymous with the knit. During the opening titles of the show, we see an image of Mr Roy from the back. We know immediately that it is him, owing to the cord on his glasses and the high-collar cable knit resting on his hunched shoulders.