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US justifies Huawei’s Intel-powered AI laptops, saying chip bans aren’t meant to hobble China’s growth



U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken claims that United States trade restrictions on China and Chinese tech companies are not meant to “contain or hold back” China in response to news that Huawei is launching new laptops based on Intel’s Meteor Lake. Blinken made the statement on NPR on Friday, a claim that stands at odds with the real impact of the U.S.’s “Chip War” with China. 

“I saw that Huawei just put out a new laptop that it boasted was AI capable, that uses an Intel chip,” Blinken told NPR at the end of his recent trip to Beijing. “I think it demonstrates that what we’re focused on is only the most sensitive technology that could pose a threat to our security. We’re not focused on cutting off trade, or for that matter containing or holding back China.” 

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