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UEFA aims to play the Champions League in the U.S



CBS Sports CEO David Berson has suggested that UEFA Champions League games could be played in the United States within the next six years. This idea stems from the increasing popularity of European football in the American market, driven by CBS Sports’ broadcast of Champions League and Europa League matches through its network and the Paramount+ streaming platform.

Paramount Global, CBS’s parent company, recently secured a six-year broadcast deal worth $1.5 billion for UEFA competitions. This deal reflects the significant growth of the Champions League’s viewership among American audiences. CBS Sports studio show, anchored by Kate Abdo, featuring football personalities like Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher, has also gained massive traction on social media platforms.

Optimism for Future Matches

Berson expressed optimism about possibly staging a Champions League game on American soil in the coming years. While there are still concrete plans, Berson suggested that such a move could happen during the duration of CBS Sports’ new broadcasting deal.

In a press conference ahead of this season’s Champions League final, Berson stated, “We have nothing to say along those lines at this moment in time, but I would not be surprised if over the course of these next six years, you’ll see that in play. It’s something we welcome. I think it’s something UEFA would like.”

Champions League Final and Future Prospects

The upcoming Champions League final, scheduled for June 1, will feature a showdown between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. Real Madrid aims for its record-extending 15th European title, while Borussia Dortmund seeks its first title since 1997 and only its second overall.

As the Champions League continues to capture the imagination of football fans worldwide, the prospect of bringing matches to new markets like the United States presents exciting opportunities for both UEFA and broadcasters like CBS Sports. The growing interest in European football in the United States and the success of CBS’ coverage make it a viable option for future expansion.

While logistical challenges may arise in organizing matches overseas, theU potential benefits of audience engagement and commercial opportunities are significant. As discussions continue and plans take shape, football enthusiasts in the United States can look forward to witnessing top European clubs compete on home soil shortly.

Expanding the Global Reach of UEFA

The idea of staging Champions League games in the United States aligns with UEFA’s efforts to expand the global reach of its competitions. While Europe remains the traditional heartland of football, UEFA recognizes the importance of tapping into emerging markets and engaging with fans worldwide.

Bringing Champions League matches to the United States would expose American audiences to top-tier European football and provide an immersive experience for fans in a different cultural context. Additionally, it would offer European clubs an opportunity to showcase their talent and brand on an international stage, further enhancing the Champions League’s global appeal.

The suggestion that UEFA Champions League games will be played in the United States within the next six years reflects the growing popularity of European football in the American market. With CBS Sports at the forefront of broadcasting UEFA competitions, expanding into new territories presents exciting opportunities for broadcasters and fans.

As discussions progress and plans evolve, the dream of witnessing elite European clubs compete on American soil inches closer to reality, ushering in a new American football era. With the Champions League final on the horizon and the future of the competition being shaped by innovative ideas like international matches, the global football community eagerly anticipates what lies ahead.

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