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U.S. to triple overall chip production by 2032, but still remain world’s fifth-largest supplier



The United States is on track to triple its semiconductor manufacturing capabilities by 2032, due to the CHIPS and Science Act, a new report released by the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reveals. This growth includes a threefold increase in domestic semiconductor production, a massive surge in advanced logic manufacturing from zero to almost one third, and a notable rise in global capital expenditures share.

By 2032, U.S. semiconductor manufacturing capacity is anticipated to grow by 203% compared to 2022 levels. This means that 14% of the global chip production capacity will be located in America, up from 10% in 2022. The capacities will increase almost across the board as the U.S. semiconductor industry will increase the production of logic using various nodes; DRAM; and discrete, analog, optoelectronics, and sensors (DAO). This expansion represents the largest projected increase globally during this period. Such growth is primarily attributed to the enactment of the CHIPS and Science Act, which has been instrumental in promoting domestic semiconductor production. 

(Image credit: SIA)

When it comes to global rankings, the U.S. advancements will not reverse tables significantly: the U.S. will remain the world’s fifth largest country by chip production capacity, behind China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

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