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U.S. athletes qualified for 2024 Paris Olympics



The U.S. Olympic team roster for the 2024 Paris Games will ultimately include more than 500 athletes.

It will be one of, if not the biggest, delegation at the Games, which open July 26.

Athletes will make the team via Olympic Trials, international results and rankings and through discretionary selections into July.

Notable team selection events include:

Swimming trials: June 15-23, Indianapolis
Diving trials: June 16-23, Knoxville, Tennessee
Track and field trials: June 21-30, Eugene, Oregon
Gymnastics trials: June 27-30, Minneapolis

These are the athletes who made the team or mathematically clinched spots so far, pending approval by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The list will be updated as each new athlete earns a spot.

Jennie Gai
Annie Xu
Kerry Xu
Beiwen Zhang
Vinson Chiu
Joshua Yuan

Canyon Barry (3×3)
Jimmer Fredette (3×3)
Kareem Maddox (3×3)
Dylan Travis (3×3)
Bam Adebayo
Devin Booker
Stephen Curry
Anthony Davis
Kevin Durant
Anthony Edwards
Joel Embiid
Tyrese Haliburton
Jrue Holiday
LeBron James
Kawhi Leonard
Jayson Tatum

Beach Volleyball
Kelly Cheng
Sara Hughes
Taryn Kloth
Kristen Nuss

Jajaira Gonzalez (60kg)
Jennifer Lozano (50kg)
Morelle McCane (66kg)
Joshua Edwards (+92kg)
Jahmal Harvey (57kg)
Omari Jones (71kg)

Sunny Choi
Victor Montalvo

Nevin Harrison (canoe sprint)
Evy Leibfarth (canoe slalom, kayak slalom, kayak cross)
Casey Eichfeld (canoe slalom)
Jonas Ecker (kayak sprint)
Aaron Small (kayak sprint)

Chloé Dygert (road)

Anne Cebula (epee)
Maia Chamberlain (sabre, team event only)
Jackie Dubrovich (foil)
Margherita Guzzi Vincenti (epee)
Kat Holmes (epee, team event only)
Hadley Husisian (epee)
Lee Kiefer (foil)
Lauren Scruggs (foil)
Tatiana Nazlymov (sabre)
Magda Skarbonkiewicz (sabre)
Elizabeth Tartakovsky (sabre)
Maia Weintraub (foil, team event only)
Miles Chamley-Watson (foil, team event only)
Eli Dershwitz (sabre)
Filip Dolegiewicz (sabre, team event only)
Colin Heathcock (sabre)
Nick Itkin (foil)
Alexander Massialas (foil)
Gerek Meinhardt (foil)
Mitchell Saron (sabre)

Scottie Scheffler

Evita Griskenas (rhythmic)

Modern Pentathlon
Jess Davis

Charlotte Buck (four or eight)
Molly Bruggeman (four or eight)
Nina Castagna (eight coxswain)
Olivia Coffey (four or eight)
Claire Collins (four or eight)
Azja Czajkowski (pair)
Margaret Hedeman (four or eight)
Emily Kallfelz (four or eight)
Kaitlin Knifton (four or eight)
Kara Kohler (single sculls)
Mary Mazzio-Manson (four or eight)
Meghan Musnicki (four or eight)
Molly Reckford (lightweight double sculls)
Kelsey Reelick (four or eight)
Regina Salmons (four or eight)
Michelle Sechser (lightweight double sculls)
Jessica Thoennes (pair)
Sophia Vitas (double sculls)
Kristi Wagner (double sculls)
Madeleine Wanamaker (four or eight)
William Bender (pair)
Justin Best (four)
Oliver Bub (pair)
Liam Corrigan (four)
Michael Grady (four)
Nick Mead (four)

Lara Dallman-Weiss (mixed dinghy)
Daniela Moroz (formula kite)
Erika Reineke (dinghy)
Stephanie Roble (49erFX)
Maggie Shea (49erFX)
Dominique Stater (windsurfing)
Ian Barrows (49er)
Markus Edegran (formula kite)
Hans Henken (49er)
Noah Lyons (windsurfing)
Stu McNay (mixed dinghy)

Katelyn Abeln (air pistol)
Ada Khorkin (sport pistol)
Lexi Lagan (air pistol)
Sagen Maddalena (air rifle, smallbore rifle)
Ryann Phillips (trap)
Austen Smith (skeet)
Rachel Tozier (trap)
Mary Tucker (air rifle, smallbore rifle)
Dania Vizzi (skeet)
Vincent Hancock (skeet)
Will Hinton (trap)
Henry Leverett (rapid fire pistol)
Derrick Mein (trap)
Conner Prince (skeet)
Ivan Roe (air rifle, smallbore rifle)
Keith Sanderson (rapid fire pistol)

Sport Climbing
Natalia Grossman (combined)
Emma Hunt (speed)
Piper Kelly (speed)
Colin Duffy (combined)
Jesse Grupper (combined)
Samuel Watson (speed)

Caroline Marks
Carissa Moore
Caity Simmers
Griffin Colapinto
John John Florence

Mariah Denigan (open water)
Katie Grimes (open water)
Ivan Puskovitch (open water)

Table Tennis
Rachel Sung
Amy Wang
Lily Zhang

Faith Dillon
Kristina Teachout
Jonathan Healy
CJ Nickolas

Coco Gauff

Track and Field
Dakotah Lindwurm
Fiona O’Keeffe
Emily Sisson
Conner Mantz
Clayton Young

Taylor Knibb
Morgan Pearson

Kennedy Blades
Amit Elor
Sarah Hildebrandt
Helen Maroulis
Kayla Miracle
Dom Parrish
Aaron Brooks
Adam Coon
Kyle Dake
Payton Jacobson
Mason Parris
Joe Rau
Kyle Snyder

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