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Top Republican now claims ANOTHER Biden family member is part of probe into shady business deals

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer claims that new Treasury and banking records he has obtained potentially implicate an unnamed Biden ‘family member’ who has not previously been identified taking part in what has described as ‘influence peddling.’

Comer made the comment to Fox News after announcing that his panel has obtained Treasury Department documents known as ‘suspicious activity reports’ that it has been requesting.

His claim comes days after it was revealed that the committee quietly subpoenaed Bank of America for financial tractions information on a Hunter Biden associate John R. Walker. 

‘I’m not going to disclose that new name because that really changes things, because what we assumed was this was just about the president’s son and two brothers, but now there’s a new name that’s emerged. And they are a Biden,’ Comer told Fox News host Bill Hemmer Tuesday. 

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer said a ‘new name’ has emerged in his committee’s investigation, and that the person is ‘a Biden.’ Comer specified that the person is not Hunter Biden, or the president’s brothers Frank or Joe Biden – meaning it was someone new

‘So we’ve got a problem here with respect to trying to determine what exactly this family was doing to receive these transactions from China,’ he said, suggesting a coordinated effort. ‘This is important, and I think every American should be concerned about this issue of national security.’

Daytime host Bill Hemmer told the new panel chair the information seemed ‘important,’ then cautioned, ‘Let’s see where it goes.’ 

‘It’s been five years – long time to be investigating,’ Hemmer added. 

The White House has long denied President Biden had knowledge of his family members’ business.  

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation related to tax matters and finances. After Republicans won the House, Comer said he would probe 'influence peddling'

Hunter Biden is under federal investigation related to tax matters and finances. After Republicans won the House, Comer said he would probe ‘influence peddling’

That came hours after Comer made a similar claim on opinion host Sean Hannity’s program, where he spelled out that the Bank of America records revealed a $3 million transaction from a Chinese energy company to Walker, the Biden associate.   

‘Two weeks ago Sean, I subpoenaed a bank for records for three different former Hunter Biden business associates. One of those associates in particular was Rob Walker. We got his account. We confirmed that account around two months after Joe Biden left the office of Vice-President, received a three-million-dollar wire from two individuals directly associated with the Chinese Communist Party.’

He said the following day the Walker account ‘started transferring money into three different Biden family members’ accounts, including a new Biden family member that’s never before been identified as someone being involved in the influence peddling scheme.’

He called it ‘very serious information.’

‘It does show a pattern that the Biden family was receiving money directly from China and the question I have Sean is what were they doing in return for that money? This is just one account, there are many more accounts and many more associates,’ he said. 

Comer did not provide evidence of wrongdoing by Biden family members, and Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee have previously issued a report detailing transfers to an LLC for Walker’s company. 

His accusations came a day after top panel Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin penned a blistering letter accusing Comer of running a ‘political dragnet’ seeking to unearth private details on Walker’s life, with bank records covering a ‘staggering 14-year period.’

Raskin appears to have learned about the subpoena from the majority, but he chastised Comer in his letter, dated Sunday, for brushing past a customary 48-hour notice period.

And he accuses Comer of intruding into private details of Walker, who was involved in a joint venture with Chinese firm CEFC energy, part of what Comer casts as a web of entanglements benefitting Biden family members.

Raskin called the Bank of America subpoena ‘wildly overbroad.’ He also noted that Comer had sought documents from the ‘estranged mother of Hunter Biden’s child’ who sued him for paternity and child support, a reference to Lunden Alexis Roberts. 

Comer claimed there were three different Biden family members who got ‘a cut’ from the $3 million he mentioned, and dismissed the idea it could be for services rendered. 

‘So our question is, what exactly did they do to receive that money? What was the purpose of that $3 million wire?’

‘Now, that’s just the first wire that we’ve actually been able to obtain bank records,’ he continued. ‘There are many, many more.’