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These 10 US States Have The Highest Airbnb Host Earnings – Travel Noire



These 10 US States Have The Highest Airbnb Host Earnings – Travel Noire

If recent Tipalti data is any indication, being an Airbnb host in the United States can be pretty lucrative. The accounting software company reveals fascinating insights into the earnings of Airbnb hosts across the United States. US hosts top the global charts with an average annual earning of $44,235, but the amount varies significantly from state to state.

Which States Earn More?

Unsurprisingly, Hawaii leads the pack with the highest average annual host earnings. Airbnb hosts in the Aloha State earn an impressive $73,247 per year. The state’s tourist appeal contributes to this high figure. Moreover, unique properties like the Aloha Nature Lovers cabin with its private waterfall and the Dreamy Tropical Tree House surrounded by lush forests are a huge draw. These distinctive stays attract tourists willing to pay a premium for an unforgettable experience.

Tennessee follows closely, with hosts earning an average of $67,510 annually. Its diverse attractions and beautiful properties, ranging from lakefront mansions to rustic log cabins, boost the state’s earnings. Also, Tennessee’s music scene and landscapes make it a hot destination for travelers.

In third place is Arizona, where hosts make an average of $60,448 annually. The state has various Airbnb properties, including a forest mountain retreat in Walker and a geodesic dome house in West Sedona. Arizona’s natural beauty and attractions like the Grand Canyon contribute to its high ranking.

View the ten states in the US where Airbnb hosts can expect to earn the most money per year, on average.

  1. Hawaii: $73,247
  2. Tennessee: $67,510
  3. Arizona: $60,448
  4. Colorado: $58,108
  5. California: $54,461
  6. Florida: $53,209
  7. South Carolina: $49,641
  8. Utah: $48,568
  9. Oregon: $42,964
  10. Alabama: $41,937

City-Specific Insights

When looking at city-specific data, San Diego, California stands out with the highest average annual earnings at $77,990. Austin, Texas is just a little behind with $72,241, showcasing the city’s appeal as a cultural and tech hub. Kissimmee, Florida rounds out the top three with $70,539, driven by its proximity to Walt Disney World and other attractions.

Given the wide income gap across states and cities, location is key to the Airbnb business. Properties in high-demand tourist destinations or cities with robust business travel markets tend to command higher rates and more consistent bookings. Unique and well-appointed properties can also attract premium prices, further boosting potential earnings.

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