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The underdogs of cricket: Team USA



The underdogs of cricket: Team USA

The U.S. men’s cricket team’s win against Pakistan shocked the world – not just because they beat a titan of the sport, but also because many of the team’s players play cricket while juggling full-time jobs. 

“I’m focusing on my work and completely switched on [to] my work,” said Saurabh Netravalkar, an engineer for Oracle and a star player for Team USA. “And if I’m on the field, I’m completely on the field, so that really helps me – switching on and switching off.”

Netravalkar spoke with The Post’s Pranshu Verma, a tech reporter and a huge cricket fan. He’s been following Team USA and Netravalkar’s historic rise. He discusses the attention that this tournament has brought to the sport in the United States and what it would take for it to become more widely popular in the country. 

Today’s show was produced by Sabby Robinson. It was mixed by Sean Carter and edited by Monica Campbell.

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