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The Funniest Casino Jokes & Each State’s Favorite Joke



The Funniest Casino Jokes & Each State’s Favorite Joke

One of the best ways to understand the culture of a particular country, or even a specific area of that country, is through humor. While laughter is a universal language, your joke will be received with varying measures of success in different areas around the globe.

And it’s not just cultural humor—say, British vs. American—different areas of life cater to different types of jokes. Whether it’s a bar joke, a practical joke, a sports joke, or even as niche as a lawyer joke – there is usually a wisecrack to cater for all! There is a casino and gambling joke culture, too, if you can believe it.

So, As July 1 is official International Joke Day, the wannabe comedians here at took a short break from reviewing casino sites and decided we wanted to find out what each US state’s favorite joke type was, to see how much this differentiated from state-to-state. 

To do this, our research and analytics team used Google Trends and search volume metrics to measure 23 of the nation’s favorite wisecracks, everything from dad jokes to toilet humor. 

Selfishly, we also wanted to find out if any state in particular prefers casino or gambling jokes more than any other (spoiler alert, they don’t).

And given the day that’s in it, why not share our top casino jokes in 2024? Disclaimer – laughter is not guaranteed, although it is encouraged.

What Is Each State’s Favorite Type of Joke in 2024?

Given that International Joke Day is coming right up, we decided to take a look at what each state’s favorite type of joke was. The truth is, we were hoping some of you would lean towards casino jokes, which wasn’t the case, but that didn’t stop us anyway.

  • The practical joke emerged as the nation’s favorite type of joke overall, with 22 states in total choosing it as their #1, and a further 11 states had practical jokes in their top three.
  • The classic knock-knock joke also performed well, featuring five times in the #1 spot and a further 19 times across the top three lists. The one-line joke and “yo-mama” joke categories also proved to be extremely popular among Americans over the last 12 months.
  • There was some support for Trump-based jokes, with two states—Nevada and New Mexico—having this category emerge as their top joke type in the last 12 months. Biden-based jokes, on the other hand, were the wisecrack of choice for only North Dakota.

As mentioned previously, not a single state had a casino or gambling-related joke even enter their top three. So the joke’s on us, I guess.

  • Oregon natives need to get their minds out of the gutter, if the data is anything to go by. The Beaver State’s favorite gag appears to be the sex joke
  • Iowa and Wisconsin, on the other hand, leaned towards flatulence humor as their best-loved wisecracks. Real mature guys and girls of Iowa and Wisconsin.
  • South Dakota can be crowned the nerdiest joke state after data revealed natives are fond of mathematical jokes. The mathematical joke came in second place on their list after the dad joke, which proved quite popular overall, appearing 11 times in the top three lists.
  • Riddle me this if you’re from Michigan: why do you like riddle jokes so much? We’re not sure why, but that’s Michiganites most admired old chestnut. Why do they love riddle jokes? Maybe because they’re always trying to figure out what the Great Lakes “state” of mind is. Anybody…?

The 10 Funniest Casino Jokes We Can Think Of

Okay, since not a single state has a preference for casino or gambling jokes, we need to do something to try and change that.

Yes, these really are the funniest casino or gambling jokes we could find or think of. But hey, if Americans don’t like casino jokes anyway, we’re likely squandering our time.

What’s the difference between a land-based and an online casino?

  • Nobody laughs at you when you lose online.

Why did the gambler bring a ladder to the casino?

  • He heard the stakes were high!

What’s a gambler’s favorite type of dance?

What company never loses at blackjack?

Have you ever been to the Dad Joke Casino?

  • They attract a lot of Eye Rollers.

Who has the best type of roulette?

  • Americans: our roulette has a house edge of 5.26%; it’s the best.
  • Europeans: ours has a house edge of 2.6%, so it’s the best.
  • Russians: hold our beer.

Do you want to hear gambling jokes?

Why would roulette dealers make good politicians?

  • Because they can put a different spin on everything

Why are there no casinos in Africa?

  • Because there are too many cheetahs.


We used Google Trends to measure the level of interest in 23 of the nation’s favorite jokes over the last 12 months.

  • Data was collected over a 12-month period from June 25, 2023 – June 26, 2024

When a state had equal levels of interest in multiple jokes, search volumes for each category using Semrush were measured in that area to determine a favorite.

What Is Each US State’s Top Three Favorite Jokes

State #1 #2 #3
Alabama Toilet humour “Yo mama” joke Practical joke
Alaska One-line joke Knock-knock joke “Yo mama” joke
Arizona Practical joke Dad joke One-line joke
Arkansas “Yo mama” joke Practical joke Knock-knock joke
California Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Colorado Slapstick Humor Dad joke One-line joke
Connecticut Running gag Practical joke Sex joke
Delaware Knock-knock joke Practical joke “Yo mama” joke
Florida Practical joke “Yo mama” joke One-line joke
Georgia Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Hawaii pun jokes Bar joke Knock-knock joke
Idaho Blonde joke Dad joke One-line joke
Illinois Practical joke Riddle joke Knock-knock joke
Indiana Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Dad joke
Iowa Flatulence humor Toilet humour One-line joke
Kansas One-line joke dark humour Dad joke
Kentucky Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Louisiana Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Maine One-line joke Knock-knock joke Sex joke
Maryland Practical joke Knock-knock joke “Yo mama” joke
Massachusetts Practical joke Lawyer joke Running gag
Michigan Riddle joke Practical joke Knock-knock joke
Minnesota Dry Humor One-line joke Practical joke
Mississippi Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Missouri Practical joke Dad joke One-line joke
Montana Dad joke Dry Humor One-line joke
Nebraska Knock-knock joke Dad joke One-line joke
Nevada Trump joke Practical joke “Yo mama” joke
New Hampshire Knock-knock joke One-line joke Trump joke
New Jersey Practical joke Knock-knock joke One-line joke
New Mexico Trump joke “Yo mama” joke Practical joke
New York Practical joke One-line joke Dry Humor
North Carolina Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Riddle joke
North Dakota biden joke One-line joke Knock-knock joke
Ohio Practical joke One-line joke Knock-knock joke
Oklahoma “Yo mama” joke military joke One-line joke
Oregon Sex joke One-line joke Trump joke
Pennsylvania Practical joke Lawyer joke One-line joke
Rhode Island Practical joke One-line joke Knock-knock joke
South Carolina Practical joke Lawyer joke Riddle joke
South Dakota Dad joke Mathematical joke Bar joke
Tennessee Practical joke Riddle joke Dad joke
Texas Practical joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Utah Lawyer joke “Yo mama” joke Knock-knock joke
Vermont Knock-knock joke Practical joke Dad joke
Virginia Practical joke Slapstick Humor Knock-knock joke
Washington Dry Humor Running gag Practical joke
West Virginia dark humour Practical joke Knock-knock joke
Wisconsin Flatulence humor One-line joke One-line joke
Wyoming Knock-knock joke Dirty joke “Yo mama” joke


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