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The best sound baths in London

First there was yoga, then came acupuncture, cold water therapy and the Headspace app. But now, busy Londoners seeking respite from the chaos of city life are increasingly turning to sound baths for some much-needed zen time. First thing’s first: there’s no actual bathing involved. This new wellness trend is a fully-clothed experience in which expert sound therapists work with various instruments to guide you into a meditative state. The different frequencies emitted by gongs, crystals and Tibetan bowls work to soothe the mind and heal the body, stimulating the brainwave frequencies associated with total relaxation and switching on the nervous system’s repair mode.

The ‘bathing’ element refers to immersing the body in harmonious sound – all you need to do is to lie down, get comfy and listen. Little wonder it’s become so popular. But beyond forcing you to slow down and relax, this ancient practice has numerous physical and mental health benefits, including better sleep, improved mood and reduced stress.

Below, we’ve rounded up the definitive list of the best sound baths in London, from the big names to know (and follow religiously) to ultra-spoiling private sessions in luxury hotels, intimate experiences in boutique fitness studios and group events in some of London’s most spectacular venues.