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The best live betting sites revealed – Fantasy Football 247 – Premier League Tips

The best live betting sites revealed

We live in an age where time is of the essence, and this means that many people are looking for convenient ways to enjoy their leisure activities, including sports betting.

The days of filling in a slip before a game gets underway are long gone. Instead, players can now enjoy access to gambling markets during a game.

Gamblers might be watching a game and think “Nunez looks like he will score today”, and they can now place that very bet. The process can take seconds, adding a huge amount of convenience, but this depends on using one of the best live betting sites to ensure that they have access to the markets in question and have plenty of ways to place the bets they want.

These are the sorts of gambling methods punters may have never even imagined 20 or 30 years ago, and they are now available to players at the touch of a button.

What is live betting?

There was a time when betting had to be carried out before a game, and the bookmaker would not be able to let you bet during, even at half time, as this would have been a logistical nightmare.

As with numerous other industries, the internet changed everything, and it is now possible for players to gamble on events in play.

In play betting is now one of the biggest forms of gambling there is. A lot of players like to evaluate what is happening during a game and use this to inform the bets they place. It is a way to add a little entertainment to games that are currently taking place too.

When betting on an event that is already underway, it is possible that the game will be suspended at times, usually during action flare-ups such as when there is a foul and if a player is issued a yellow card. Gambling sites are usually very quick to process this and get the markets back up and running.

How to choose a live betting site

If live betting is the primary reason for choosing a site, then there are certain things that you should consider in some detail:

  • Choice of events: How many different events are offered on the site? What is the coverage like for different sporting events? If you’re the sort of person who is always tracking the fixtures, you can check which of them are going to be live on the site for gambling purposes.
  • Markets offered: Even if they have a lot of different sporting events covered on the site this doesn’t always mean they offer a lot of different markets. Check whether they offer the kinds of markets you’re interested in, which is especially important if you are interested in a specific market such as shots on target.
  • Security and safety: Check the security of the site and use independent review sites to determine what kind of experience other players have had. Some people also use a security scanner for additional peace of mind.
  • Odds: If a site has loads of different events but doesn’t offer good odds on the events, there is little point in gambling there. The best sites should at least provide players with competitive odds.

Players will want to check other aspects as well, such as the support offered, payment methods and all the other things that make a top betting site.

Top live betting sites

Let’s explore some of the top options for those who are looking for a live betting site. There are lots of different sites out there that say they will offer live betting, but they aren’t all equal. Some offer a lot more in terms of markets and features than others.


Bet365 is often the first name that jumps into peoples’ heads when they are thinking about live betting sites as they were pioneers in the live bet and in-play markets. Bet365 not only has a long track record of providing people with a way to bet on games, they also offer more streaming options than most of the competition. Every year, there are thousands of different games broadcast on the site for players to check out and enjoy. The selection of in-play markets is also incredibly impressive.


BetVictor was first founded in the 1940s and has offered markets ever since. Nowadays, their offering for live gambling is one of the best out there as they have created a website to rival the very best. They also have certain markets that some of the competing brands don’t tend to offer as in-play bets.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is one of the top sites for in-play odds. They have a huge selection of markets and sometimes offer more markets than Bet365 despite not having as much streaming.

Paddy Power is also known for its regular promotions and for having a mobile app that is packed with features. Paddy Power’s marketing campaigns mean they’re often in the public eye, but they back this up with a lot of functionality and security for players.


We’ve provided a few options above for those who want to log in and bet on events that are in play. Sites like Bet365 have provided this service for years and built a huge reputation around their in-play offerings.

Players who value the capacity to log in and use a site’s live betting capabilities should carefully consider the sort of features that are available on these sites. Some have a huge level of coverage, enabling people to gamble on the sports teams and events they wish to with minimal fuss.

Always gamble responsibly. Be sure to only bet what you can afford to lose and never bet when feeling down, frustrated or angry.

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