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Thailand: 5% limit on casino space in entertainment complexes



Thailand’s Deputy Finance Minister has suggested imposing a 5% limit for casino space in entertainment complexes or establishments.

In the latest development regarding the legalisation of casino and gambling in Thailand, there have been new considerations by the Thai Government – whether to impose a 5% limit for casino space/gambling areas in entertainment complexes, according to reports in Thailand.

The consideration was voiced by Thailand’s Deputy Finance Minister, Julapun Amornvivat, as quoted from the Bangkok Post, stating that the proportions per complex will depend on the government entities involved in the project. 

Preceding this was the approval from Thailand’s cabinet where a National Assembly committee will examine the feasibility of casino resorts in the nation itself, with the Ministry of Finance in charge of evaluating the implementation of said policy within 30 days.

Amornvivat has affirmed that he and his department will work together with 16 other government agencies to properly evaluate and study the issue. The ministry has also requested a two-week extension, seeing as the project is extensive and requires further studies.

Earlier before this, the parliamentary committee has approved of the 17% casino tax proposal as it completes the drafting of said casino bill, as reported from various news sites, including the Bangkok Post. The proposed Thai casino tax rate of 17% is attractive compared with regional peers such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Macau, which charge a mass market rate varying from 25-40%, as quoted from the news report by tourism analysts.

The proposal to legalise casino and gambling was already a discussion topic in 2023, where the Prime Minister had expressed support in the move, as well as reports of Galaxy and MGM having plans for Thailand.

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