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Sportingtech unveils sleek new casino look



Sportingtech unveils sleek new casino look

The revamped casino interface is live now, promising an elevated experience for all users. 

Press release.- Sportingtech has announced the launch of its newly revamped online casino interface. This update, according to the company, delivers a modern, streamlined gaming experience for operators targeting the vibrant Latin American market.

“With a focus on a simplified and visually appealing interface, the new design enhances navigation, making it easier for players to find their favourite games and for operators to manage their unique offerings. The visual refresh includes a contemporary look and feel, aligning Sportingtech’s casino platform with the highest industry standards,” said Sportingtech.

Tommy Molloy, chief product officer at Sportingtech, commented on the update: “Our new casino look brings a modern and simplified view to the table, particularly benefiting Latin American players. We’ve refreshed the visuals and optimised navigation to ensure a seamless experience, allowing us to customise our solution for our partners to the highest level. This launch is just the beginning, with more exciting updates to come.”

Key features of the update include:

  • Optimised Operator Tools: Enhancements that enable operators to deliver a better gaming experience, backed by over 5,000 individual updates.
  • Enhanced Navigation: Simplified pathways for players and operators, allowing for quick access to exclusive games and new releases.
  • Visual Refresh: A clean, modern interface that makes it easier for players to explore and enjoy a top-tier casino experience.

Molloy added, “Our focus on agility and speed means we can deliver small, valuable updates faster, continuously improving the gaming experience. This visual refresh is foundational, and we’ve already seen an increase in engagement as a result.”

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In the coming phases, Sportingtech is committed to rolling out additional features and improvements. These future updates will include search typing optimisation to ensure comprehensive search results, further performance improvements and refactoring, the integration of games from new providers, and additional features and quality-of-life enhancements to continually elevate the user experience. 

Sportingtech will also focus on expanding into new verticals such as Poker, developing innovative promotional tools for multiplayer opportunities, launching its own proprietary games, and providing enhanced frontend modularity and operator control for greater customisation.

The revamped casino interface is live now, promising an elevated experience for all users. Sportingtech remains committed to pushing the boundaries of igaming, ensuring operators can offer the best to their players.

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