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Solar Eclipse 2024 horoscope: How might today's eclipse affect you according to your zodiac sign?



This Monday we will see one of the most spectacular astronomical phenomena in the sky, the total solar eclipse, which will be observed across North America.

But the phenomenon will also affect the stars in the Zodiac in an important way, so experts are also analysing what its impact will be on the different signs.

A “ring of fire” will be visible from the Oregon coast to the Gulf of MexicoRoberto Ortega

For example, Mhoni Vidente points out that it is the first total solar eclipse observable in North America in more than 80 years, so it will have a “powerful energetic impact on the planet”. It will not only be a phenomenon in the sky, but it could have effects on the earth’s crust, and she assured that it could well “produce the strongest earthquake recorded to date”.

While for individuals, this phenomenon will also move energies globally, affecting human emotions and decisions.

He also invited people to take a moment of pause and warned to avoid under any circumstances making important financial decisions, medical or cosmetic interventions and even visits to the dentist until after April 11, as the turbulent energies of the eclipse could negatively influence the results of such actions.

He also said that the astronomical phenomenon will be a spiritual milestone that will force humanity to reinvent itself, and that it will also intensify the presence of “dark forces” for which we must be prepared, because on the positive side, it will offer a unique opportunity for personal and collective growth, as a mirror that shows “our own abilities to face and overcome adversity”.

Which signs will be affected by the eclipse?

Solar Eclipse 2024 horoscope

Solar Eclipse 2024 horoscope

The zodiac signs most affected by this eclipse will be the water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, all of which are naturally sensitive to the lunar phases, as they will experience irritability, mixed emotions and even physical discomfort. For them, the astrologer recommended wearing a silver object (be it a chain, a medal or an amulet with images of protective saints).

The eclipse will be dominated by the energy of Aries, as well as the new moon, because in addition to the sun and the moon, other planets will also transit this sign: Venus, Mercury (retrograde) and the planetoid Chiron.

“The cycle invites us to think and reflect on our link with identity, our own desire, struggle, entrepreneurship and ways of initiating, activism, war, violence and anxiety”, the specialist indicated.

In addition, the astrologer pointed out that the main characteristics of Aries will provoke sharpened reactions in their qualities: impulsivity, reactivity, entrepreneurial character, and speed.

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