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“Shots Fired!!”: NFL World Reacts to Chiefs HC Andy Reid Giving a Cold Shoulder to Aaron Rodgers’ Successor Jordan Love

The Green Bay Packers have taken a huge bet to move on into the Jordan Love era, deciding to part ways with one of the greatest passers in their franchise history. Well, Aaron Rodgers thinks he is the greatest, but that’s a separate debate. It’s finally time for the fourth-year QB to step into leadership. However, he recently had to endure some ridicule at the hands of the reigning champion head coach, Andy Reid.

The Kansas City Chiefs boss was at a loss when asked about Love at his press conference during the NFL Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Reid didn’t know who Jordan was. And it took him quite some time to finally connect the dots. Whether Love squeezes any motivation out of this episode remains to be seen.

Andy Reid didn’t know who Jordan Love was


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Reid is definitely still in the championship high from winning Super Bowl LVII last month against the Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Arena in Phoenix. Patrick Mahomes‘ men triumphed 38-35 over the Birds for their second championship in the last four years. And the revisit to Phoenix for the Annual Meeting must have brought back some sunny memories for Coach Reid. That could be the reason why he didn’t remember who future Packers passer Jordan Love was during the presser.

Who’s that,” Reid asked with a puzzled look. “I’m trying to remember Jordan Love,” he said sheepishly.

It looked like a genuine lapse in memory for Andy Reid as he quickly recalled Love after being reminded of their encounter from 2021. “From what I remember, I thought he was good,” he said later.

To be fair, Love has played just once against the Chiefs


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As the Packers and the New York Jets hammer out the negotiations for A-Rod, Love prepares to start the 2023 season after being picked 26th in the 2020 NFL draft. After learning from Rodgers, he finally got a shot at the pocket during the 2021 season when No 12 landed on the COVID-19 reserve list. And who did he face? The Mighty Chiefs. Kansas City won 13-7 at the Arrowhead. Love threw one touchdown, and one interception, completing 19 of 34 targets over 190 yards in the losing effort.

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In the 2022-23 season, Love only had 1 touchdown and 195 passing yards combined in the four times he came off the bench to replace an injured Aaron Rodgers.


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Safe to say, this season’s starting spot will guarantee a lot more spotlight for the 24-year-old quarterback from Utah State. And Andy Reid will surely be more in the zone next time he faces a Jordan Love question at a press conference.