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Sexual Harrasment Inside Store In US!



The United States of America keeps issuing advisory for its citizens who are traveling to foreign countries. Most of these advisories are about their safety. The US always tries to show that these countries are not safe as if America guarantees such safety. This incident from Georgia explains very well where America stands when it comes to protecting its own Citizens.

A man has been arrested in the United States for sexual battery and public indecency. In a very shocking incident, a woman was sexually harassed by a man inside a convenience store. The arrested man has been accused of ejaculating on the woman inside the store.

The CCTV footage of the incident shows the suspect being chased away by the woman. The woman said that at first the man looked like a normal gentleman. The 28 year old is currently in jail and facing severe charges.

This incident is a shocking reminder for the US to work in their own country when it comes to safety, especially that of women. If an incident like this can happen inside a store with security cameras, it is scary to think of what might go wrong at places with no surveillance.

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