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Sen. Ron Johnson says US must let Israel ‘destroy’ Hamas, keep Palestinian children ‘bottled up’ in Gaza



Senator Ron Johnson blasted President Joe Biden‘s plan to accept Palestinian refugees amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Speaking with Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany on Friday, Senator Ron Johnson stressed Palestinian children should not be granted asylum in the United States,.(AP )

The Wisconsin Senator was among the 34 Senate Republicans who raised their voice against the Biden administration’s potential strategy to allow Palestinians residing in the US bring their family members over as refugees. They called the plan a “national security risk.”

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Speaking with Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany on Friday, he stressed Palestinian children should not be granted asylum in the United States, adding that they are “indoctrinated to hate” and must be “bottled up” in Gaza.

Reflecting on the pro-Palestine protests that have rocked US college campuses, Johnson said: “Kayleigh, there’s a reason that the Arab nations have not accepted Palestinian refugees for decades. Had they done that, we wouldn’t have this problem today.”

“But they don’t do it because, it’s awful the way young children in Palestine are indoctrinated to hate not only Jews, but all infidels,” he continued.

The Senator further called them “dangerous people” and said this is the reason why “they try and keep them bottled up in Gaza and the West Bank, and, so, this continues to spill over into these horrific incidences.”

Emphasising the need to keep Palestinians “bottled up”, he said: “We need to let Israel destroy Hamas and then try and live in peace with Palestinians who are willing to do so.”

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‘They not only hate Jews, they hate us’: Ron Johnson on Palestinians

Earlier, Johnson had said that “military-age men” from the rival nations were already being allowed in the country via the southern border of the United States.

“Why would you add to that clear and present danger by bringing in Palestinians, who, let’s face it, they view us as infidels. They not only hate Jews, they hate us,” Johnson remarked.

Earlier this week, 34 senators in a letter to White House demanded that the government stop making plans to accept refugees from Gaza unless they addressed their concerns and directed their attention on achieving the release of American hostages held by Hamas.

“We must ensure Gazans with terrorist ties or sympathies are denied admission into the United States – no easy feat, given the fact that the Gazans were the ones who voted Hamas into power in 2006,” the Senators wrote.

Israel’s war against Hamas has killed nearly 35,000 Palestinians, including women and children, as per the health ministry.

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