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Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco Have Reportedly ‘Talked About Marriage and Having Children’



Selena Gomez is taken by someone she has known for years: 35-year-old record producer Benny Blanco. Gomez went public with their relationship on Dec. 7, 2023, first confirming on celebrity fan account PopFaction’s Instagram that she was taken, then later sharing a photo on her Instagram Story of her and what appears to be Blanco together. She also defended him in Instagram comments against users who were critical of her dating him.

Here, what to know about their history.

Before 2019

Blanco became friends with Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber in 2009, a year before Bieber and Gomez started dating for the first time. He has worked with Bieber and a variety of artists Gomez knows, including her other ex-boyfriend The Weeknd and her friend Camila Cabello.

His working history with Gomez goes way back too: He produced her 2015 Revival songs “Same Old Love” and “Kill ’Em With Kindness,” along with her 2017 collaboration with Cashmere Cat, “Trust Nobody.”

March 2019

Gomez and Blanco release their collaboration, “I Can’t Get Enough,” with J Balvin and Tainy. Blanco wears a teddy bear costume in the music video and dances with Gomez.


Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco in the “I Can’t Get Enough” music video.

October 2020

Fans theorize that Blanco threw shade at Gomez during an interview he gave while promoting his Justin Bieber collaboration “Lonely.” Gomez’s relationship with Bieber, at this point, had been over for over two years.

Selenators took issue with Blanco talking about “cookie-cutter pop artists” who have a “makeup line.” Gomez had just launched Rare Beauty a month before.

“Justin’s not one of those cookie-cutter pop artists,” he told Zach Sang. “Like you know, they’re like, ‘This is my new single and here’s my makeup line.’ And he’s like, Justin’s like, ‘Yo. I have a pimple and I have anxiety today.’ He’s always been upfront about that stuff.”

He added, “For me, I think he’s really falling into himself as an adult now. It’s brave to put this song out.”

July 2023

Gomez posts on TikTok about being single:

Blanco attends Gomez’s 31st birthday party. He appears with her in one of her photos from the party that she shared on Instagram.

Gomez later confirmed in an Instagram comment on Dec. 7, 2023 that she and Blanco had been dating privately for “six months.” She added, “I will always defend my friends, family, and fans till the day I die.”

August 2023

Gomez releases her song “Single Soon,” which Blanco produced.

At the end of the month, Gomez shares the traits she’s looking for in a partner.

When asked during a SiriusXM Hits 1 LA interview about her being “a little high-maintenance” per her “Single Soon” lyric, she clarified: “I think I have standards. And I think I live in a world right now where boys confuse standards with high-maintenance. It really isn’t [the same thing]. But the line was really fun because I’m not ashamed to say, ‘I actually require x, y, and z for you to be with me.’ So in a way, it was just meant to be for the attitude of the song. And that’s genuinely how I feel.”

Gomez then revealed what her ideal traits are for a significant other: “I mean you gotta be cool, man. Not cool in the sense that people think you’re cool. You just gotta be nice and like, please make me laugh and also just be good to my family and people around you.”

October 2023

Blanco supports Gomez and attends Rare Beauty’s first Rare Impact Fund Benefit on October 4.

selena gomez hosts the inaugural rare impact fund benefit supporting youth mental health inside

Stefanie Keenan//Getty Images

November 2023

November 2

Blanco announces he is releasing a cookbook. Gomez likes and comments on the post, sparking dating rumors. She also shares Blanco’s news on her Instagram Story, calling him “one of my favs.”

selena gomez's comment on blanco's instagram


November 26

A source gives Entertainment Tonight a rare Gomez dating update, saying she is single. “Selena is casually dating and doing well,” the source said. “She is doing her own thing and doesn’t feel any sort of pressure to be in a relationship. She is just focusing on what’s best for her right now and has been very in tune with maintaining her own boundaries. Her friends and family support her and just want her to be happy.”

December 2023

December 4

Gomez leaves a winky face emoji on a Selena Gomez Instagram fan account’s post about her discussing her crush in her Selena + Chef holiday special. The user wondered if things with Gomez’s crush went well since the special was filmed months ago. Gomez’s response suggested they had.

selena gomez's comment on the crush post


December 7

Gomez likes two Instagrams on celebrity news fan account PopFaction about her being in a relationship (“Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms That She Is in a Relationship”) and dating Benny Blanco (“Selena Gomez Is Rumored to Be Dating Producer Benny Blanco”). She comments “Facts” on the first post about her not being single.

selena gomez's likes and comments on post about not being single


selena gomez's likes and comments on post about not being single


Gomez then shares an Instagram Story of her seemingly with Blanco:

selena gomez with her boyfriend


She also responds to comments on PopFaction’s page and defends Blanco.

selena gomez defending benny blanco on ig


PopFaction shares additional screenshots of Gomez praising Blanco’s treatment of her in its comments section.

In one comment, she wrote, “He has treated me better than any human being on this planet.” In another, she shared: “He’s still better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Facts.”

And in response to one commenter questioning her choice to date him, Gomez wrote, “Oh sweetheart, I’ve been in therapy since I was 18. I know what’s best for me and I will fight till I get what I deserve. I appreciate your misguided input, but I’m growing. Don’t feel free to grow with me, just know I’m not going to be with a f***boy ever again. Sorry to disappoint.”

She also reveals they had been dating for six months in a separate comment.

Later that day, Gomez shares an Instagram Story of herself wearing a “B” ring for Blanco on her left ring finger:

selena gomez wearing a b ring


A source tells Entertainment Tonight too that Gomez and Blanco are dating and just became more serious: “Selena and Benny have been casually seeing each other for a while and more recently, it became more official. Things have been going really well between them and Selena is happy. She thinks Benny is very funny and of course, extremely talented. Selena is in a great place in her life and feels content and relaxed. She is enjoying where things are going.”

December 10

Blanco shares a photo of Gomez in his Instagram Story. He also posts his first (flirty) comment on her Instagram since news of them dating broke.

selena gomez in benny blanco's instagram story


benny blanco's comment on selena gomez's post


December 12

Gomez shares another Instagram Story featuring Blanco, this time of the couple hugging.

a person with the hands on the face


December 15

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that Gomez feels really good in her relationship with Blanco. “She feels so safe and secure with him, so she felt like it was a good time to share how happy she is with her fans,” that source said. “Benny is a great communicator, is honest and open with Selena, and listens to her. He’s respectful, isn’t a player, and not in it for the attention or fame. He doesn’t care about any of that, and Selena sees that and really trusts him.”

January 2024

January 3

Gomez and Blanco have their first public date at the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Miami Heat. Gomez was very affectionate with Blanco as they sat courtside.

celebrities at the los angeles lakers game

Allen Berezovsky//Getty Images

selena gomez and benny blanco at the los angeles lakers game

Allen Berezovsky//Getty Images

January 7

Gomez and Blanco did not attend the Golden Globes together but had a moment during the award show night. Gomez shared a photo of them kissing, writing, “I won.”

selena gomez kissing benny blanco on golden globes night


January 9

Gomez hosted a birthday party for friend Nicola Peltz, who turned 29 on January 9. Peltz shared pics from the sleepover celebration on January 13, and Blanco can be seen in the carousel of images wearing one of the matching black and white PJ sets.

January 11

A source told Entertainment Tonight Gomez and Blanco see their relationship as a long term one, and how their friends and family agree.

“Selena feels very at home and at ease with Benny,” the source began. “Their friends, family, and loved ones on both sides are all supportive and happy to see what they think could be an amazing and long-lasting relationship between the two of them.”

The insider continued, “Benny finds Selena to be brilliant beyond belief,” the source said. “He thinks she is extremely talented, genuine, sweet and intelligent. He respects everything that she stands for and admires her ability to speak her personal truths and share what she’s gone through with the world.”

Gomez, meanwhile, “appreciates Benny’s intellect, overall passion in life, his art, dedication, and values…He’s very respectful and meshes well with everyone in her inner circle.”

That same day, Us Weekly shared another story about how well the relationship is going.

“Selena has made it clear that she wants Benny by her side from now on, and she’s proudly introducing him to everyone in her life,” the second insider said. “They kept things low-key [at first], but Benny has passed every test with flying colors. The new year seemed like a perfect time to essentially shout [their love] from the rooftops, so that’s what Selena is doing.”

A third source offered more context for how they started dating.

“Benny asked her to dinner, and they started seeing each other about once a week, taking it slow,” the source said.

They added that Gomez “loves how Benny treats her: he’s so kind and thoughtful… She’s never been with anyone like him. It’s been a very long time since friends saw Selena this happy. She’s positively glowing.”

January 31

Gomez’s friend Francia Raisa shared her approval of Gomez and Blanco dating during an interview with Extra. “Oh, my God—it’s about time,” she began. “I love Benny. He’s great. He wore a Dora the Explorer jacket when I first met him and I was like, ‘B, we love you. Donde esta mi mapa?”

February 2024

February 2

Gomez shared a little look at how her mornings with Blanco look on her Instagram Story:

selena gomez sharing look at her life with benny blanco


Later that night, the couple were seen together with a group of friends grabbing dinner in Los Angeles. Gomez was wearing black pants and a leather jacket and had her hair down. Blanco was in pants and a gray cardigan. The pair left the restaurant and headed to a vehicle. Gomez’s new bangs haircut was visible as she got into the car.

February 12

Gomez posts her first Instagram grid tribute to Blanco, sharing more intimate photos of them together. “My bes fwend,” she wrote.

He responded, “das my bes fwen.”

February 14

Gomez marks their first Valentine’s Day together by posting an Instagram Story tribute for Blanco. “I love you,” she wrote to him alongside a selfie of them.

selena gomez and benny blanco


February 22

Gomez releases her single “Love On,” then grabs dinner with Blanco at Nobu Malibu to celebrate.

She speaks to Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about their relationship: “Without getting into too much detail, I think it’s just really important to meet someone that respects you. And I think it’s really nice to also lean on someone who understands the world that I live in. But I’d have to say overall it’s the safest that I feel, and it’s been really lovely, and I’ve only grown through it, so it’s awesome.”

February 23

While promoting “Love On” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Gomez shared a story about the night Blanco accompanied her to the Emmys. Kimmel asked the star if she ever met someone where you thought, “Oh My God! For me this is somebody exciting to meet?”

Even Gomez has her big celebs, and she replied, “Yeah. This is kind of embarrassing, at the Emmys, Jason Segel happened to be at the Emmys.”

She explained that she often watches comfort shows to fall asleep, and had been recently binge-watching How I Met Your Mother, Segel’s popular show. When she saw him, Segel was waving in her direction and she started to wave back before realizing that he was gesturing at someone behind her.

Gomez claims the actor then approached her to say hello “out of awkwardness,” at which point Blanco announced that she “falls asleep to [him] every night,” leaving Gomez shocked.

February 29

Blanco shares a shot of him and Gomez on a yacht, offering the first look at them seemingly on vacation. He does not add any caption or date, so it is unclear whether it is a throwback.

selena gomez in a one piece with benny blanco


March 2024

March 5

Blanco spoke about Gomez during a livestream on TalkShopLive while promoting his cookbook, Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends. He shared her favorite meal, saying, “She’s a huge steak fan, so anything with steak in it. She always asks for steak, and she always asks for these little perfect fried potatoes.”

Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends by Benny Blanco

<i>Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends</i> by Benny Blanco

“She loves soup,” he added. “So she was shooting a show [Only Murders in the Building] yesterday, and I made a little soup, and I brought it over to her.”

He also addressed whether he’d cook on camera with the Selena + Chef star: “Maybe someday. We always cook together; it’s not like just for her show. She’s an incredible cook. We have so much fun. All we do is eat.”

March 8

Gomez celebrated Blanco’s birthday with a public declaration of love on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy birthday baby! Your emotional endurance, positive disposition, unbelievable talent (that blows me away), undeniable humor and loving, kind heart absolutely kill me. I love you @itsbennyblanco 🎂🥹”

He commented, “🥹💕🥰💋❤️”

March 20

Gomez shared a glimpse of the card Blanco gave her for their first virtual date on her Instagram Story. “#longdistancerelationship vibes,” she captioned it.

text, letter


March 23

On Saturday, March 23, Gomez joked in her Instagram Stories about Blanco’s style, sharing an outfit from the set of Hulu’s Only Murders In The Building. In the mirror selfie she posted, Gomez is wearing a white and orange-checkered top with black-and-white patterned pants. On top was a black robe, and on her feet were white slippers. Over the image, she wrote, “The day they dressed me like my boyfriend on set.”

a person taking a selfie in a mirror


April 2024

April 5

A source speaking with Entertainment Tonight, claimed that the singer’s “friends and family love Benny [Blanco] and his loved ones feel the same about her.”

They continued, “Everyone can see that they have a loving relationship and both sides couldn’t be more encouraging,” adding that Gomez and Blanco “have gotten very serious” in the last few months.

“Selena trusts him more than any other past romantic partner in her life,” the source said. “They are very respectful of one another and their relationship is growing in positive ways.”

The couple apparently feels “like they bring the best out of each other and make an effort to be communicative, honest, and supportive of each other.”

“They speak their minds, appreciate each other’s art, and lift each other up,” the source explained. “They both see a positive future together and have a desire to continue to move forward and have their relationship thrive.”

April 10

A source told People that while Gomez and Blanco are currently long distance, they are going very strong. “They are so in love,” the source said. “It’s a very serious relationship, and they’re making long distance work while she’s in New York for work commitments.”

They added, “Benny makes her feel special, and they try to see each other as much as possible. She really does feel like it’s the best she’s ever been treated by a guy, and she’s had a certain glow since they started dating.”

April 12

On Friday, April 12, Gomez shared a new kissing picture with Blanco in her Instagram Stories. In the sweet shot, the pair appear to be at a party, with folks having a drink in the background. The Rare Beauty founder is wearing a red, spaghetti strap top while Blanco is in a blue suit with a low cut shirt underneath and a gold necklace.

a man and woman kissing


April 25

In an interview with WSJ magazine, Blanco explained how he realized he was in love with Gomez after years of friendship.

“I was the last one to know,” he admitted. “It’s crazy how your partner could just be sitting there the whole time, right in front of your eyes, and you don’t even notice, and then you have that Clueless moment where you’re like, ‘Wait, I’m in love.’”

April 26

On SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up, Blanco was asked about Gomez’s friendship with Taylor Swift and whether they had enjoyed a double date with the Eras Tour singer and her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

“We did not,” Blanco said. “I actually just saw her at Sushi Park. I ran into her right before Coachella.”

May 2024

May 3

Two sources told Us Weekly that Gomez and Blanco have discussed marriage. Blanco “makes her feel secure and happy,” the first source said. “They both think they’ve found the person they’ll be with forever.”

A second source shared that Gomez “definitely sees this relationship going the distance. They’ve talked about marriage and having children and are very much on the same page.”

They added that “Selena has found the love of her life. She’s ready to settle down.”

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