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Roger Federer’s coach made Rune ‘naive and starstruck’ as sudden split explained

Holger Rune’s mum has opened up on the world No. 7’s shock split with Severin Luthi. The pair had been working together for less than two months before parting ways. Aneke Rune confessed that they were starstruck by working with Roger Federer’s coach, something that made them naive enough to bring in a new mentor.

Rune’s coaching camp has been all but decimated in recent days, with his two instructors – Luthi and Boris Becker – walking away because they couldn’t give the 20-year-old the time he needed. Luthi was first to go, with Aneke announcing the news at the end of January.

The Swiss tennis coach previously worked with Federer for 15 years and Rune was the first player he had linked up with since the 20-time Major winner retired in 2022. Luthi joined Rune at the recent Australian Open where the world No. 7 branded Federer his childhood idol and said it was “great to have something from him in my box”.

But that mentality may have caused problems, as Aneke has now admitted they were naive to bring in a new voice in the middle of a Grand Slam. “Maybe also we were a little naive, also a little you know starstruck like, Oh Roger, 20 Grand Slams, it’s not a problem to bring in a new coach,” Rune’s mum and former manager told The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast.

“Clearly, it was naive. I think if you come in and you want to implement a lot of changes in the routines that the player normally do, this is great because if you’re No. 7, you’re not the best in the world. So, you need to do things differently in order to improve.”

Although Luthi joined the team in December, the Australian Open marked the first time he joined Rune at a tournament. And the four-time title winner’s mum thought that was a mistake. She continued: “What is tough here is starting to do the things at a Grand Slam.

“If we look back, then it was not the right timing to introduce new stuff because the player is more nervous at Grand Slams.” Rune ended up crashing out in the second round as he was upset by wildcard Arthur Cazaux, who was ranked at No. 122 in the world.