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Report: South Dakota has highest number of veteran-owned wholesale businesses in US



SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – A recent study broke down the concentration of veteran-owned businesses in each US state, revealing South Dakota is a leader in supporting local veterans.

Ahead of Memorial Day on Monday, veteran experts from AmFi analyzed the total number of businesses in each state alongside those owned by veterans to learn how veteran business owners are represented in each state.

South Dakota ranks 10th in the United States with 6.5% of businesses in the state estimated to be veteran-owned. In total, there are 1,442 estimated veteran-owned businesses in South Dakota.

West Virginia ranks 1st with 10.84% of businesses being veteran-owned.

The study also revealed the leading industries in each state with the highest number of veteran-owned businesses.

South Dakota has the highest number of veteran-owned wholesale businesses in US(American Fidelity Life Insurance)

South Dakota’s largest industry for veteran-owned businesses is wholesale trade, with 13.6% of wholesale trade business owners being veterans in South Dakota, the highest rate nationwide.

Minnesota and North Dakota’s largest veteran-owned industries are construction with 6.43% and 7.32% respectively. Iowa’s largest veteran-owned industry is finance and insurance with 6.74%.

The full study can be found here.

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