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Prince Harry appears woefully pensive after unexpected appearance at NFL Honors

Prince Harry dashed to the UK on Tuesday for a lightning-fast meeting with his father upon King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis. The 26-hour trip reportedly lasted a “maximum of 45 minutes”. However, within the same week, he was unexpectedly spotted at the 13th Annual NFL Honors in Nevada City, Las Vegas. The event was slated to be held on February 8, and it saw the Duke of Sussex present the NFL Walter Payton Man of the Year award to Pittsburgh Steelers’ Cameron Heyward.

Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex walks outside the Rolls Building of the High Court in London, Britain.(Reuters)

While on stage, he joked, “You stole rugby from us and made it your own…” However, the same NFL stint soon became scrutinised as royal commentator Charles Rae severely reacted to the duke’s appearance in Las Vegas. Labelling Prince Harry “a lost cause” in a talk with GB News, the commentator fumed at his failure to mention his father while addressing the NFL event.

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Rae also reiterated that Harry may have an “ulterior motive” with his recent UK visit, too, as they were with Paramount executives. Various media sources also relate him jetting to the UK for a supposed PR stunt.

However, as speculations and endless theories analysing every move of the estranged royal family member come to the top, a sad moment of the duke grappling with woe has also been brought to attention by The Mirror.

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P’ince Harry at NFL Honors in Las Vegas

Although the prince was all smiles on stage at the Las Vegas NFL event, his departure from the venue diddidn’tnclude on an ecstatic note. The Mirror US snapped the Duke of Sussex leaving the glitzy ceremony in an elevator at Resorts World Theatre in Sin City. Prince Harry can be seen standing at the back in a lift crowded with people all around. His woefully pensive eyes stare into the distance while he keeps a serious expression.

Prince Harry is already in Las Vegas and is a well-known sports fanatic, so his appearance at the Super Bowl this Sunday is being looked forward to.

Whether he and Meghan Markle will turn up for the big showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers remains to be seen.