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Paige Spiranac Blows Her Own Horn Amid Celebrating the Rise of Women’s Golf

Arguably, Paige Spiranac paved the way for female golf influencers. Ever since she decided to go the less-traveled road, there have been many who have followed her path. At first, the golf mommy used to get criticism over her choice of attire and the fact she left pro golfing for content creation. However, nowadays, golf influencers have become quite a trend. Has the diva felt threatened that her crown of being the most famous female golf influencer would be taken away?

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While many may have guessed her to feel that way, Spiranac is not here to defend any titles! She is rather appreciative and proud of the work she has done to bring more women to golf! And, rightfully so! She indeed started a trend of golf content creation!

Paige Spiranac wanted to make golf more ‘welcoming’ for women


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In a recent episode of Fore Play, the beautiful golfer was accredited to initiate a revolution in golf. Spiranac was appreciated for starting her content creation journey and was asked if she feels threatened when newcomers try to be like her even when they aren’t. Spiranac replied that having that mindset would be negative, and she had rather “switched it over to” thinking that “this is great.”

“We’re still getting more women into the game of golf,” regardless of their motives, said Spiranac, who notes that the golfing environment has changed significantly since she started. Things have changed for the better as more women are getting into the game, which, according to Spiranac, “ultimately is a good thing.” The former golfer wanted golf to have a “welcoming environment” and stated that “we do what we do is because we love this game, we want to grow it” and make it reach the upcoming generations.

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Even though she receives intense backlash for her clothes on the greens and her bold opinions, Spiranac patted herself, saying that she made some daring choices and, in a way, “hopefully have made women feel more comfortable on the golf course of wearing things that are cuter.” So, she takes people taking inspiration from her as “positive and a good thing.”

Rather than focusing on the unhealthy mindset that she wants to remain “the hottest best” and “the only female golfer out there,” Spiranac chooses to see the bright side. The golf mommy has always put forth that her bold persona inspires people to do what they want, and she was never trying to push an agenda on young girls’ minds.

Glamorous Spiranac shares her sole motive behind her work


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In one of her podcast episodes of Playing A Round, the 30-year-old clearly announced that she is what she shows, and that’s what she has been endorsing for years. “I do this because it’s right for me. “And if someone wants to do the same, “then go for it. If you don’t want to, then you can go for it,” said the influencer.

Her ultimate message is that no one should be ashamed of their body, and choices. She strongly believes that everyone is beautiful regardless of the set beauty standards. Spiranac pressed that she isn’t “trying to push an agenda to young girls and say, like, take your clothes off. That’s how you make money. It’s really quite the opposite.”


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Not many understand Spiranac’s stance on her work and her motives, but the golf mommy has good intentions and wants everyone to succeed however they wish to.

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