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Olga Hlukhovskaya: “1spin4win will keep launching standard network and individual Cash & Drops campaigns”



Olga Hlukhovskaya, Head of Account Management at 1spin4win, talks about the success behind the company’s ‘Treasure Hunt’ network promotion for online casinos launching June 1st.

Exclusive Interview.- 1spin4win, an online slot provider, is launching ‘Treasure Hunt’ network promotion for online casinos, scheduled to run from June 1st to June 9th. Focus Gaming News discussed with Olga Hlukhovskaya, head of the Account Management Division at 1spin4win, to uncover why these studios’ promo tools are gaining success among igaming platforms.

You are conducting the third network promotion for online casinos within the past few months. How popular is it among your clients?

The 1spin4win’s Cash & Drops promotion has proven to be highly popular, with a growing number of online casinos participating. Alongside network promotions, we have also launched several individual campaigns for our clients.

Such increasing interest from operators is attributed to the Cash & Drops’ effectiveness in addressing key challenges such as player acquisition, retention, and loyalty within online casinos. The statistics reveal a doubling in metrics like bet count and bet sum during the promotion period. 

Moreover, there’s a noticeable uptick in the average bet size on the project. Our strategic decision to implement a minimum bet requirement for participation in the Cash & Drops draw has resulted in an impressive average bet increase of around 30-40 per cent.

How does Cash & Drops promo work?

Clients interested in joining the network promo Cash & Drops can easily do so by applying their 1spin4win’s Account Managers. We handle all technical setup for the campaign and assist in preparing banners and promotional materials. Online casino operators are then requested to inform their players about the promotion through various channels such as player emails, website banners, and the website promo section. 

The Cash & Drops campaign operates seamlessly with full automation, ensuring that all winnings are promptly credited to players’ balances without any additional actions required from the casino.

What are the promotional campaign plans for the rest of the year? Do you intend to organize any other types of Drops during this period?

We have plans to introduce two more Cash & Drops mechanics by the year’s end: Cash & Drops with Multipliers and Cash & Drops with Free Spins. These promo options are relatively unique, as they are not very common among iGaming providers. 

Additionally, 1spin4win intends to continue launching standard network and individual Cash & Drops campaigns, given their increasing popularity among operators and players alike.

“We have plans to introduce two more Cash & Drops mechanics by the year’s end: Cash & Drops with Multipliers and Cash & Drops with Free Spins.”

Olga Hlukhovskaya, head of the Account Management Division at 1spin4win.

What other marketing activities does 1spin4win offer to its clients? How do they work and why are they beneficial for both casinos and the studio?

In addition to Cash & Drops, 1spin4win provides a diverse range of marketing activities customised to each client’s needs. These include placement promotions, where we offer popular games at discounted rates for placement in casino lobbies. Games are selected based on specific geographies and operator characteristics.

Moreover, we offer the option to distribute free spins to players using our games, all of which support free spins distribution. We frequently provide our clients with game pre-releases, informed by analysing successful titles with various mechanics. Additionally, there’s the possibility of releasing branded games tailored to specific online casinos.

1spin4win is always delighted to engage in casino promotional activities, as each carefully selected promotion enhances player loyalty and interest in the casino.

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