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Northern Lights Forecast: When and Where to Catch Aurora Borealis in the United States



Due to a solar storm, auroras could be seen across the skies of many portions of the United States, which ranged from Maine and California to even Florida.

Auroras are caused by solar winds entering the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds, the result of which is a display of dynamic, stunning lights that are said to resemble curtains, rays, spirals, or flickers that cover the entire sky.

The recent auras have captivated countless people, with Google searches for ‘northern lights forecast’ increasing by 2333 percent over the last month and ‘when to see northern lights’ catapulting by a massive 6533 percent in the past week.

Because of all of the attention surrounding these recent auroras, Sixt has put together a list of the places and times any curious person living in or visiting the U.S. can see auroras in the future:

Fairbanks, Alaska: From August through April 

Marquette, Michigan: From August through mid-April 

Ellison Bay, Wisconsin: From August through mid-April 

Angel Inlet Minnesota: From late November through early February 

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