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News Wrap: Harris announces $1.5 billion aid package for Ukrainian infrastructure



News Wrap: Harris announces .5 billion aid package for Ukrainian infrastructure

John Yang:

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan called a proposed Russian deal to end the war a completely absurd vision.

The Israeli military says eight soldiers died in an explosion in southern Gaza today, the second deadliest attack on Israeli forces of the war. In Gaza families are preparing for a bleak Eid al-Adha tomorrow, one of the most important festivals in the Muslim calendar. It’s usually celebrated with big family meals and gifts for children.

But this year, there’s only war, hunger and misery. The holiday marks the end of Dhul-Hijjah witch peak today with nearly 2 million Muslims gathering on a sacred hill in Saudi Arabia for a day of worship. The Hill of Mercy is believed to be the site of the Prophet Muhammad’s final speech known as the Farewell Sermon.

Across France hundreds of thousands of people turned out to protest against a far right political party in advance of French parliamentary elections. Labor unions, students and groups fighting racism called for the protest after the right wing national rally party trounced President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist party in last week’s European Parliamentary elections, the first round of snap French parliamentary elections will be held at the end of the month.

And Kate, the Princess of Wales, made her first public appearance today since she said she’s being treated for cancer. It was at festivities to mark the official birthday celebration for King Charles III, who himself was treated for cancer in January. Kate said in a statement yesterday that she’s not out of the woods yet and will continue chemotherapy for a few more months.

Still to come on PBS News Weekend, why U.S. domestic workers have fewer workplace protections than other employees. And how the city of Philadelphia is working to protect birds from deadly window collisions.

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