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Newcastle United odds in Premier League top four race…Major reaction after weekend results

Some very interesting updated odds now for this 2022/23 season where Newcastle United are concerned, especially when it comes to the Premier League top four.

Premier League results at the weekend, impacting heavily on how bookies / punters see the probability now.

When it comes to where Newcastle United will end up in the Premier League at the end of the season.

An excellent weekend all round, apart from the Chelsea and Spurs matches, all the other relevant NUFC matches went in our favour:

Bournemouth 1 Liverpool 0

Everton 1 Brentford 0

Leeds 2 Brighton 2

Leicester 1 Chelsea 3

Tottenham 3 Nottingham Forest 1

Crystal Palace 0 Man City 1

Fulham 0 Arsenal 3

Man U 0 Southampton 0

West Ham 1 Aston Villa 1

Newcastle 2 Wolves 1

This is how the updated current Premier League table on Tuesday (14 March 2023) looks:

Listed below are the updated general Premier League odds now available from the various bookies for this 2022/23 season:

Win the Premier League:

8/11 Arsenal

5/4 Man City

100/1 Man U

750/1 Newcastle United

1000/1 Liverpool

1000/1 Tottenham

1500/1 Brighton

2500/1 Chelsea

Arsenal and Man City set to take it all the way to the end of the season in the title race. Fair play to Mikel Arteta, doing really well.

Finish Premier League top four:

1/750 Arsenal

1/500 Man City

1/6 Man U

8/5 Tottenham

7/4 Newcastle United

2/1 Liverpool

7/1 Brighton

33/1 Chelsea

200/1 Brentford

This is of course the big one for Newcastle United fans, the race for Premier League top four.

That Liverpool defeat reeling them back behind Newcastle in the odds.

Indeed all of those at the top end apart from Tottenham and NUFC seeing their odds go out. Unless you count Chelsea, although with Newcastle seven points clear and a game in hand on them, NUFC would only have themselves to blame if Potter’s side managed to finish ahead of them.

As for finishing in the top half dozen…

Finish top six:

No odds offered Man City

No odds offered Arsenal

1/66 Man U

1/5 Tottenham

1/4 Newcastle United

4/11 Liverpool

6/5 Brighton

4/1 Chelsea

25/1 Brentford

As things stand…and as the latest updated odds show, it is seven contenders for the top six places, the top seven in the current Premier League table, down as far as and including, Brighton. In reality though, the top two are away and gone, so it is probably five (Man U, Tottenham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Brighton) competing for the other four spots in the top six.