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Mr. Gamble Integrates Forum for Enhanced User Experience and Transparency



Mr. Gamble is thrilled to announce the successful integration of the Mr. Gamble Forum into our main site, Over the past few months, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to bring this new feature to life. This integration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to provide our users with a transparent and engaging platform.

With the Mr. Gamble Forum now fully integrated, user reviews are easily accessible on our main site. This enhancement allows our community to make more informed decisions regarding bonuses and casinos. By displaying user reviews directly on our site, we foster greater transparency and trust within our community, encouraging informed choices and a richer user experience.

Paul Puolakka, the Chief Marketing Officer of Mr.Gamble, shared his thoughts on this achievement: “We have always been committed to creating a community-driven platform, and this integration takes us to the next level. The Mr. Gamble Forum not only enhances transparency but also boosts engagement by giving users a voice and a platform to share their experiences.”

The Mr. Gamble Forum is an ideal place for our community to communicate directly with us and each other. It serves as a vital channel for feedback that is often difficult to obtain, allowing us to continually improve our services based on real user input.

Additionally, this integration benefits casinos and game providers. They can now create their own profiles on the forum, post promotions, and interact directly with end users. This feature helps build brand awareness and trust among players, offering a unique opportunity for companies to engage with their audience in a meaningful way.

From a B2B perspective, we invite casinos and game providers to take advantage of this new feature. “You wanna get featured and have your own thread on the forum? Contact us and let’s talk business,” said Paul Puolakka, emphasizing the unique opportunities available for industry partners to showcase their offerings and connect with a broader audience.

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