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MGCB Increases Funding for Responsible Gambling Resources in Michigan



MGCB Increases Funding for Responsible Gambling Resources in Michigan

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MGCB Increases Funding for Responsible Gambling Resources in Michigan

The Michigan Gaming Control Board announced a $3 million increase in funding for responsible gambling resources, raising the budget to $6 million. The regulatory agencies also secured $1.9 million from the 2024 state budget, which will be used to expand the MGCB team by 14 new full-time staff members.  

The influx of fresh funds enables MGCB to build upon its strong position as a leading iGaming jurisdiction in the United States and improve its regulatory prowess over Michigan casinos online. The executive director of MGCB, Henry Williams, expressed gratitude to Michigan Governor Whitmer and the Legislature via the official press release. Williams is thankful for the commitment of the governor and legislature to enhance the MGCB’s operations and regulatory efforts. 

The funds will become available at the beginning of the state’s FY2025 budget calendar, starting on October 1, 2024, but only after Governor Gretchen Whitmer signs the bipartisan budget agreement.

New Full-Time Positions to Keep Up with Michigan’s Growth  

Hiring 14 full-time employees is necessary to support the MGCB’s internet gaming and sports betting regulatory operations. The Great Lakes State market is one of the fastest-growing North American online casino markets. There are 15 licensed operators, with national leaders such as DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and Caesars Palace Online Casino dominating the market. They have a combined inventory of over 10,000 slots and competitive no deposit bonus Michigan deals. The new additions to the MGCB workforce will improve protections against illegal activity.

The additional $3 million will be allocated to the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund and its associated programs. The new funds will enhance the 24/7 Gambling Disorder Helpline and provide resources for educating the younger generation about the problems related to online gambling. The cash infusion will also benefit current treatment methods for players battling gambling addiction and related problems.

The MGCB’s executive director, Henry Williams, emphasized that doubling the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund showcases the agency’s commitment to responsible gaming. William said they are working with the state’s institutions to safeguard the iGaming industry’s integrity and protect Michigan citizens.

Additional Funding for the Don’t Regret the Bet Campaign

The MGCB is taking a comprehensive approach to responsible gambling and will invest $3 million in its award-winning “Don’t Regret the Bet” campaign. The program launched in March 2023 via a partnership with King Media, a Michigan-based marketing campaign. The campaign offers engaging ads targeting players with an inclination to develop a gambling addiction.  

The ads are aired via billboards, social media posts, TV, and radio channels across the Great Lakes State. Podcasts have been an integral tool in improving awareness of gambling addiction. In 2023, this campaign was rewarded with several prestigious awards: the Platinum Viddy Award, the Platinum dotCOMM Award, and the Platinum MarCom Award. The successful run continues in 2024 with the PRNEWS Digital Award.

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