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Meet Katrina Bishop, Seed World U.S. Editorial Board Member – Seed World



Katrina is the senior director of strategic communications for the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA).

She joined ASTA in December 2023 where she helps tell the story of the seed industry, highlighting the innovative and sustainable technologies seed producers and agribusiness are using to develop a better seed, for a better crop, for a better world.

Katrina’s extensive background in political communications supports the association’s state, federal, and international advocacy efforts for consistent and harmonious policies that allow the seed industry to continue its groundbreaking research and development.

Prior to joining ASTA, she led the public affairs team for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). In this role, she was responsible for crafting a narrative around the industry’s policy priorities and grassroots mobilization efforts. Katrina also played a key role in AEM’s advocacy efforts on the ground, including signature events such as “A Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall” and dozens of elected official facility visits each year.

Katrina began her career in public affairs on Capitol Hill, serving as communications director to a member of Congress in the United States House of Representatives for seven years. She holds a B.A. in psychology from the George Washington University.

Why she serves on the Seed World U.S. editorial board:“Being new to the seed industry, I was grateful to have Seed World as a resource to get me up to speed on the latest news, technology, and trends. I’m excited to work with my colleagues to discover ways to reach new audiences, inviting them to learn more about this dynamic and innovative industry that plays a critical role in America’s agricultural sector.”

What do you love about the seed industry?

I love the effort to bring people of different backgrounds, education, and walks of life to the industry, and with that, to educate those people about the innovation and technology used to feed a growing global population in a changing climate.

What do you see as a big opportunity for the seed industry in the future?

I think we need to do what we can to build the next generation of leaders, not just in our industry, but across the agricultural sector. More and more producers, scientists, breeders, and other industry experts and leaders are retiring. What are we doing to invite young adults, either those in college or early career, into our field? There are so many opportunities, whether it be in a lab, on a field, or in a board room, to make a difference in this industry. Let’s demonstrate that opportunity.

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