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July’s new moon with Cancer season and what does it mean for zodiac signs. All you may like to know



July’s new moon with Cancer season and what does it mean for zodiac signs. All you may like to know

The start of July signals the end of summer, which brings with it carefree days, sparklers, and fun by the pool. The new moon in Cancer, a sign associated with nurturing and family, occurs in the first week of July in 2024. This lunar event promotes emotional exploration and closer relationships with loved ones. It takes place on July 5 at 6:58 p.m. ET/3:58 p.m. PT.Also Read: Why has Taiwan issued a travel advisory to its residents visiting China?

What is the new moon?

When the moon and sun line up in the same sign, we have a new moon. It will be at 14 degrees of Cancer this month. The moon looks to be concealed from Earth, serving as a blank canvas for aspirations in the future. This stage helps with emotional awareness and provides an opportunity to make plans that will unfold over the following two weeks and six months.

The New Moon’s significance in Cancer

Your deepest aspirations become more clear when the Cancer new moon occurs. As an emotionally astute sign, cancer heightens emotional security needs and awareness of one’s sentiments. Reevaluating what gives you a sense of centering yourself and moving toward that stability is a great option during this time. Family time and do-it-yourself projects are also excellent during this period.

Ambitions and social energy

Ambitious and proactive sign, Cancer is a cardinal sign. Aims about emotions and family may feel particularly important to you during this new moon. Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus after the new moon, encouraging inventiveness and passion in interpersonal interactions. Jupiter is sextile to Mercury in Leo, which promotes interactive communication and strategic planning.

Leo: Inner Work and Mental Health

The new moon in Cancer on July 5, 2024, falls in Leo’s spirituality zone, encouraging a period of inner work and psychological well-being. This is a time to focus on mental health rather than external achievements. By prioritizing self-care, Leo can reap significant rewards. On July 8, Mercury in Leo forms a sextile with Jupiter, leading to insights about pursuing major aspirations.Also Read: Will it take months for Sunita Williams and Butch Wilmore to return from ISS? Know what NASA and Boeing have planned

Virgo: Networking and Friendships

For Virgo, the new moon activates the networking and friendships sector. This is a great time to connect with like-minded individuals and work towards shared goals. Collaborative efforts will be enlightening and fulfilling. On July 8, Mercury in Virgo’s spirituality zone sextiles Jupiter in the career sector, highlighting the importance of trusting intuition for career recognition.

Libra: Career Ambitions

Libra experiences the new moon in the career zone, making it an ideal moment for advancing professional goals. Whether aiming for a leadership role or discussing career growth with superiors, taking action now can yield impressive results. On July 8, Venus in Libra’s career zone sextiles Uranus in the joint resources sector, suggesting that unconventional paths may enhance security.

Scorpio: Adventure and Learning

The new moon in Cancer falls in Scorpio’s higher learning and adventure zone. This period stirs a desire for new experiences and routine changes. Traveling or furthering education can lead to personal growth. On July 8, Mercury in the career zone sextiles Jupiter in the joint resources sector, emphasizing the benefits of planning for future professional success.

Sagittarius: Intimacy and Emotional Bonds

Sagittarius will feel the new moon’s influence in the intimacy zone, prompting deeper connections and emotional vulnerability. Engaging in heartfelt conversations with loved ones can strengthen relationships and provide inner peace. On July 8, Mercury in the adventure sector sextiles Jupiter in the partnership zone, encouraging leaps of faith in one-on-one connections.

Capricorn: Partnerships and Emotional Harmony

For Capricorn, the new moon focuses on the partnership sector, emphasizing one-on-one bonding. It’s an opportune time to address emotional issues and seek harmony. Open communication and empathy are key. On July 8, Venus sextiles Uranus, suggesting innovative approaches to old patterns in relationships.

Aquarius: Wellness and Daily Routines

The new moon in Cancer highlights Aquarius’ daily routine sector, offering a chance to revamp wellness practices. Finding routines that benefit the mind, body, and spirit is crucial. On July 8, Venus sextiles Uranus, enhancing creativity in emotional well-being and home life.

Pisces: Romance and Self-Expression

Pisces experiences the new moon in the romance and self-expression zone. This encourages deeper connections to artistic impulses and joyful emotions. Prioritizing spontaneity and playfulness can positively impact well-being. On July 8, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, inspiring new ways to connect with loved ones daily.


When does the new moon in Cancer occur in 2024?
The new moon in Cancer occurs on July 5, 2024, at 6:58 p.m. ET/3:58 p.m. PT.

What is a new moon?
A new moon happens when the moon and sun align in the same zodiac sign, appearing concealed from Earth and symbolizing a fresh start.

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