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I’m a size 16 with hourglass waist – I tried Primark top dupe but was disappointed

A SIZE 16 fashion fan put a Primark dupe to the test but was left disappointed by the way it sat on her hourglass waist.

Bethany Livingstone, from Glasgow, regularly shares her shopping hauls and outfit tips with her 163,000 followers on TikTok (@bethanylivingstonee).


Bethany compared her black Josie top from Urban Outfitters with a Primark dupeCredit: TikTok (@bethanylivingstonee)
Bethany loves the fit of her Josie top and owns it in three colours


Bethany loves the fit of her Josie top and owns it in three coloursCredit: TikTok (@bethanylivingstonee)
Bethany hoped the £4 Primark version would be just as good


Bethany hoped the £4 Primark version would be just as goodCredit: TikTok (@bethanylivingstonee)
But she was left disappointed by the fit


But she was left disappointed by the fitCredit: TikTok (@bethanylivingstonee)

In a recent video, the midsize fashionista tested out a cheaper version of Urban Outfitters’ popular Josie tops.

The original is £20, meaning Primark shoppers can save £16 in total with the £4 dupe.

The V-neck ribbed crop top comes in a multitude of colours from black and white basics to bright purples and yellows.

Keen to give the bargain top a chance, Bethany said: “Today we’re going to be comparing the Urban Outfitters’ Josie top to the Primark version.

“I picked up the Primark one yesterday, and we’re going to compare them both.

“My Urban Outfitters one is a few years old. So it might have a few differences to the one that you’d currently just buy. It’s a little stretched out, it’s a little faded, but I still love her.

“The Primark one I literally just bought yesterday, so it looks perfect. But we’re mainly going to be talking about fit and not overall looks.”

The fashion fan tried both tops in a size medium.

Popping on her “OG” Urban Outfitters version first, she said: “I think if I was to re-buy this in the same size it would be a little tighter. Just because mine is a little stretched out.

“You can see how low the Josie tops go. The quality is amazing in these tops.

“I hate to admit it because they are a little bit expensive but they are amazing. I have three of them.

“So I’m really excited to see if the Primark one is really hitting.”

However, as happy as she was with the price tag, Bethany wasn’t loving the budget store’s version – with a looser and longer fit – as much as the original.

She told followers: “Straight away you can see some differences in the top.

“It is a little longer. When I pull it down, I do have a bit of an hourglass waist, so everything does this [bunches up]..it definitely is a bit longer.

“The stretch is insane. I think I could get away with a small.

“It’s definitely not as low [cut]. Given what the Josie one is, let’s be honest. I think if I sized down it would do it more.

“It does annoy me that it’s long, I’m not going to lie. I don’t like when tops do this up. Maybe tucked in I wouldn’t feel it as much.”

And giving her overall verdict, Bethany concluded: “I think the Primark version is definitely an option either if you’re on a budget or you hadn’t tried a Josie top before.

“Quality, it just isn’t the same. If you previously owned the Josie top like me you’d immediately notice the differences.

“Josie won, sorry guys.”

Bethany’s video has racked up more than 12,000 views so far – and social media users are divided on their favourite top.

One said: “I needed this before making the decision, thank you.”

A second added: “I actually preferred the Primark one. With my shape, I always found the Josie rolled up over my belly. The Primark one sits better on me.”

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But a third disagreed: “Yeah I got the Primark one and it just wasn’t it. I had to return it.”