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I’m a fashion fan & H&M’s Prada bag dupe is so good and saved me £1.4K

A MIDSIZE fashion fan has encouraged others to check out H&M’s Spring collection, including a Prada dupe that saved her an eye watering £1.4k.

Jade popped into her local store to pick up some new staples for her wardrobe, but even she didn’t expect the great haul she went home with.


The midsize fashion fan picked up lots in H&MCredit: TikTok/bella.inizio
She spotted the Prada dupe and couldn't resist


She spotted the Prada dupe and couldn’t resistCredit: TikTok/bella.inizio

The size 12-14 style influencer runs a TikTok account dedicated to midsize fashion.  

Therefore, Jade, who can be found at @bella.inizio, regularly updates her 227k social media followers advice on which shops they should be adding to the top of their lists. 

And in one of her most recent videos, she said H&M is at the top of its game at the moment – not least because of their amazing designer handbag dupe. 

At the start of the video, Jade could be seen holding two full shopping bags, as she excitedly filled her followers in.

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With her hands full, she explained: “Tell me H&M has got its Spring stuff in without telling me it’s got its Spring stuff in.”

Jade then explained that she’d gone in to see if she could get her hands on the Prada straw bag dupe.

H&M have a very similar looking version to the iconic summer bag that retails for a staggering £1,500.

But their take on the Prada Spring/Summer classic costs a much more purse-friendly £17.9.99, a whopping saving of over £1.4k.

Showing the bag off – which has Paris printed on the centre – Jade continued: “It is so sweet.

“And how perfect is this for Summer and Spring?

“I thought it was lovely and it’s £17.99.”

Jade also set her sights on another dupe – this time some tan, woven sandals with a rope effect that are said to be inspired by the looks on the catwalk this season.

She revealed: “The material is really, really soft so it’s not going to rub and it is only £18.99.”

But Jade didn’t just have luck in the accessories department – she also bagged lots of other stylish hidden gems.

Next, she unpacked a “gorgeous” satin, green wrap dress.

H&M kills it every single year


She added: “H&M kills it every single year – look at the colour of this dress.

“Satin material, the sleeves are slightly wide, wrap dress, but the waist is elasticated.

“Absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to wear this. And it’s £19.99.”

She also bought the exact same dress but in a monochrome pattern that fashion lovers have been going mad for. 

Up next was a new wardrobe statement piece that she said would be ideal for the upcoming wedding season.

The strappy cream, linen blend number with a pastel floral print design also scored points for its sheared back meaning it’s “super comfortable”.

Jade explained: “It’s super, super light and airy and it’s only £24.99 and it looks so expensive.”

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Continuing with the floral dress theme, Jade also took home another similar style, but this time in pale pink.

She explained: “Look how darling this print is. It’s beautiful – this gorgeous pale pink.

“The top is completely sheared, like the front and back, so super, super comfy, and the straps are detachable.

“Look how beautiful this would be on holiday with a tan and some cute sandals. 

How can they charge these low, low prices?


“And it’s £17.99 – obsessed.”

The final item in her bag was yet another floral dress with cap sleeves that featured a brighter print for the warmer months. 

She concluded: “Ok, the last of the florals, I promise, but look how sweet this little dress is.

“I thought it would be a perfect little throw on dress for the Spring Summer.

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“A pair of little sandals, a little bag, sunnies – I thought it would be beautiful.

“And it’s only £14.99. How can they charge these low, low prices?”

She raved about their wrap dresses


She raved about their wrap dressesCredit: TikTok/bella.inizio
And the floral prints stole her heart


And the floral prints stole her heartCredit: TikTok/bella.inizio