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How the Total Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Mood, Based on Your Zodiac Sign



The sky will be going dark this month as the total solar eclipse occurs on April 8. 

Dubbed the “Great North American Eclipse,” the solar eclipse will occur along a narrow path of totality in the United States from Texas to Maine, per NASA

Though some areas might not see the solar eclipse firsthand, you will likely still experience its astrological effects. 

To determine how the solar eclipse will affect each zodiac sign, PEOPLE spoke with astrologer and bestselling author Lisa Stardust to get their readings.

As Stardust points out, the upcoming eclipse falls in Aries and is referred to as the “Ring of Fire” eclipse as “the sun’s outline will create a ring around it in the sky.” Stardust adds that, “from an astrological standpoint, this eclipse will push us out of our comfort zones and encourage us to take steps towards healing.”

“This is due to its alignment with Mercury, which will be in retrograde in Aries, and the healing centaur Chiron,” Stardust continues. The alignment will provide people with the opportunity “to address our old wounds and emotional pain,” and lead some to feel “inspired to lend a helping hand to ourselves and others.” 

Here’s what the solar eclipse could mean for you, based on your zodiac sign. 


Don’t get too defensive, Aries. With the eclipse and mercury retrograde currently affecting your Sun, Stardust says that you may find it hard to “articulate” your “thoughts or feelings.” Instead of rushing into anything, Stardusts suggests you “take a moment to gather your thoughts before responding,” adding that you should “consider what you want to say and how to convey it effectively.”


Taurus, use this time to reflect and heal. Stardust says the upcoming solar eclipse is “an excellent opportunity for growth and transformation as you work towards mending your heart and moving forward with a new and evolved mindset.” They add that while “facing fears and phobias head-on can be intimidating, it’s important to remember that you are strong enough to fight them.” 


Gemini, you may find yourself reconnecting with friends during this time. If you’ve been questioning your “core group,” Stardust advises you to reach out “to people from your past” and build “a new connection with them, especially if they have shown care and support towards you.” They add that Geminis should “stay open to rebuilding and restoring relationships because many people are willing to support you and have your back.” 


Don’t let your chaotic work life deter you, Cancer. Instead, lean in! Stardust says Cancer signs should use this time “to step up and help your coworkers and boss navigate any miscommunications that might come up.” They add that all of your hard work could come with major payoffs, including a “well-deserved promotion or raise.” 


Take a deep breath, Leo. Stardust suggests the solar eclipse is a great time to focus on your mental health and “discover new ways to rejuvenate, unwind, and replenish your mind.” Though you may be struggling to “find a sense of peace,” Stardusts adds that “it is achievable with consistent effort.” 


Are you feeling that solar eclipse energy, Virgo? Stardusts says that the upcoming astrological event will have you feeling “your most powerful,” meaning you can “take on anything that comes your way.” They add that Virgos will be “stronger than ever” during this time and “your mind has the prowess to understand things from a different perspective.” They add that “you will be able to get to the bottom line of matters, allowing you to stop overthinking and overanalyzing things.” 


Believe in yourself, Libra! If you’re entering a new collaboration or partnership during this time, Stardust advises you to “trust your instincts and approach the new endeavor with caution.” They say that you should remember to take “small steps towards socializing” as it “can lead to new friendships and connections.” 


Scorpio, you might be feeling overwhelmed during this time. However, Stardust notes that it’s totally natural with “all the daily mishaps happening due to Mercury’s planetary backstroke.” To combat the stress, Stardust suggests you take a moment to “catch your breath” and have “a fulfilling experience, regardless of any minor inconveniences or travel issues that may arise.” Above everything, “enjoy the journey” by being “present in the moment” and letting “go of your worries,” they advise.  


Romance is on the horizon, Sagittarius, though Stardust warns to “take your time” with your budding relationship: “If you’re planning a date for the evening of the eclipse and some unexpected issues come up or your companion is delayed, try to find the humor in the situation instead of getting annoyed.” Most importantly, take this time to “relax and have fun with your loved ones.”


Capricorns might experience some issues with their work-life balance. “You may need to attend to a personal matter at home, which will require you to devote more time to your family than work,” Stardust suggests, adding that some home renovations may require your attention. “The eclipse is reminding you that it’s not sustainable to be a workaholic around the clock,” Stardust adds, noting that you should divide “your time equally between your personal and professional life” in order to “feel a sense of harmony in your life.”


Aquarius, be mindful of other people’s boundaries during this time. Stardust specifically notes that you should “avoid getting into an argument with someone due to your strong beliefs” during the solar eclipse, adding that “interacting peacefully with the people you care about in your social circle is possible by setting limits and avoiding conflicts.” 


Pisces, prepare to see green! Stardust says this period could provide a substantial income for you, but warns not to overspend. Instead, they suggest you “set aside a portion of the cash you receive in your savings account so that you aren’t constantly anxious.” They add that you’ll want to “save your tax refund for a rainy day” to act as “your safety net” in the event of an emergency.

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