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Hanuman Jayanti 2024 –What each zodiac sign can learn from lord Hanuman’s devotion and courage – Times of India



Hanuman Jayanti is observed to commemorate the birth of Lord Hanuman, who is regarded as a representation of fortitude, vigour, and unshakable devotion. On the day of the full moon in the month of Chaitra, it is observed.
Hanuman Jayanti in 2024
Chaitra Purnima Begins: 3:20 AM on April 23, 2024
Chaitra Purnima Ends: 5:20 AM of April 24, 2024
In 2024, Hanuman Jayanti will be observed on April 23, 2024, i.e.Tuesday.
What is Special About Hanuman Jayanti in 2024?
This year in 2024, the Hanuman Jayanti has got additional auspicious yoga wherein it falls on Tuesday (a day ruled by Mars) as well as Chitra Nakshatra and Vajra Yoga which is enhancing the overall positive effects of the day.
Imbibing Lord Hanuman in Life
There are numerous ways to show our devotion to lord hanuman and one of the ways is to imbibe his quality in our lives and make ourselves a better version of ourselves. Let us dive into lessons which zodiac sign should learn from Lord Hanuman:
Hanuman’s bold endeavors can serve as a source of motivation for Aries, who are noted for their leadership and bravery within the community. Aries, like Hanuman, can reap the benefits of using their innate bravery to protect and lead others, always standing up without hesitation in times of need like Hanuman did.
Taurus places a high priority on consistency and faithfulness, much like Hanuman’s unflinching devotion to Lord Rama represents. People born under the sign of Taurus can benefit from emulating Hanuman’s loyalty by strengthening their connections and maintaining harmony in both their personal and professional lives.
It is important for Geminis to strive to achieve the same level of eloquence and persuasiveness with words as Hanuman possesses. They are able to attain more success and comprehension in their contacts if they direct their communicating abilities toward the advancement of worthy causes and discussion that is both clear and effective.
This is a sign that resonates with Hanuman’s profound devotion because Cancers are highly emotional and place a high importance on tight familial relationships. It is possible for Cancers to satisfy their need for profound emotional connections by acquiring the ability to channel their emotional energy into positions that are supportive and loving.
There is a natural leadership quality in Leos, which is comparable to Hanuman’s way of guiding his army through difficult times. They ought to center their attention on leading with honesty and bravery, and they ought to inspire others by setting an example, just like Hanuman did.
Both Hanuman’s life of service and the innate tendency of Virgos to be helpful and careful are virtues that were personified by Hanuman. One way for them to put this into practice is to discover the joy that comes from assisting other people and to make sure that their actions are always in line with the greater good.
A parallel may be drawn between the efforts of Hanuman to restore peace and the pursuit of equilibrium and harmony in every facet of life by Libra. The Librans have the potential to play a significant part in the establishment of a peaceful atmosphere wherever they go by advocating for fairness and equality.
There is a common perception that Scorpios are fierce and forceful individuals. The ability of Scorpios to handle the hardships that they face in their own lives more successfully can be improved by learning from Hanuman’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity without giving in.
The journey that Hanuman took to the Himalayas in order to retrieve the Sanjeevani plant is a good example of how Sagittarius individuals are naturally adventurous and always on a quest for knowledge. Participating in this spirit of exploration and the quest for knowledge can result in substantial personal development and comprehension on the part of the individual.
One of the most admirable characteristics of Capricorns is their disciplined attitude to life, which is a quality that is congruent with Hanuman’s thorough and dedicated behaviour. It is possible for Capricorns to achieve success and garner appreciation if they maintain their discipline and remain committed to their aims.
Those born under the sign of the Aquarius are known for their creativity and compassion, all of which can be enhanced by adopting Hanuman’s selflessness. Individuals who are Aquarius might have a great deal of satisfaction and respect if they choose to work for the general well-being rather than for their own personal benefit.
Hanuman’s life is a reflection of the road that Pisces, who are innately perceptive and spiritual, have taken in their lives. Enhancing their spiritual practices and establishing a more profound connection with the spiritual aspects of life can help Pisces achieve a sense of calm and clarity in their lives.
DIY Remedies For Today
Light a diya of Chameli Oil in front of Lord hanuman in the evening
Chant ‘Ram Raksha Strotam’ at least 11 times today
Inscribe the word ‘Shri Ram’ with red vermilion on Betel leave (27) make a garland of 27 and offer it to Lord Hanuman Today
This article is written by, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist, Energy Healer, Music Therapist, Life & Relationship Coach, NumroVani

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