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Haley: ‘Rogue golf ball’ is closest Trump has come to combat

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley again slammed former President Trump for his comments mocking her deployed husband, saying a “rogue golf ball” is the closest the former president has ever come to combat.

“The closest Donald Trump has ever come to harm’s way is a rogue golf ball hitting his cart. It’s not surprising that he doesn’t understand the sacrifices made by those in uniform,” Haley wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Trump took aim at Haley’s husband, who was deployed to Africa in June with the South Carolina Army National Guard, for not being on the campaign trail with Haley at a Saturday rally in South Carolina.

Since then, Haley has responded by calling Trump’s remarks “insulting to military families” and by releasing a campaign ad Monday highlighting Trump’s previous remarks mocking veterans.

She also addressed Trump’s remarks in an interview with Fox News on Monday, saying the comments were “disgusting.”

“To sit there and mock my husband for not being with me on the presidential trail because he is deployed and serving our country. You mock one veteran, you’re mocking all veterans,” she said, noting that Trump has previously taken aim at members of the military and veterans.

“The problem with Trump is he’s never been anywhere near a uniform. He apparently had some sort of foot reason that he says he couldn’t do that. But the reality is the closest he’s come to harm’s way is a golf ball hitting him on a — on a golf cart,” she said.

Haley appeared to be referring to a medical deferment from the military draft during the Vietnam War granted to Trump because of bone spurs on his feet.

“These men and women sacrifice for us every day. They’re willing to shed blood. That’s the values that made this country great. And anybody that excuses what he continues to say against the military is hugely mistaken,” she said.

Asked about Haley’s latest attacks, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung defended the former president in a statement.

“There has been no bigger fighter for our military men and women than President Trump. Nikki Haley likes to talk about her foreign policy chops, but bowing down to China and advocating for forever wars by sending our troops into unnecessary conflicts represent America Last policies she is so fond of,” Cheung said.

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