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Governor and mayor of Nagasaki protest US subcritical nuclear test | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News



The Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture has lodged a protest against a recent subcritical nuclear test conducted by the United States.

The US government says the test took place on Tuesday in the western state of Nevada.

It was the third such test under the administration of President Joe Biden, and a senior official said that it “plans to increase the frequency of these subcritical experiments.”

Governor Oishi Kengo said in a letter sent to US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel on Saturday that the test would further accelerate the nuclear arms race.

He called on the US to do away with all tests that contribute to maintaining or developing nuclear weapons.

The mayor of Nagasaki City has also sent a letter of protest to Biden and Emanuel, saying the testing can never be permissible.

He said that it tramples on the wishes of atomic bomb survivors and others who hope for peace.

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