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Giraffes interrupt women’s golf tournament in Kenya

A family of giraffes interrupted a women’s golf tournament in Kenya, after they strolled over the 18th hole of the competitive course on Sunday.

The Ladies European Tour had to pause play as the giraffes made themselves comfortable at a critical point in the course, with the 18th hole marking the official end of a golf course and competition.

The giraffes involved appeared to walk directly through the game, strolling over to a tree to take a bite of leaves.

Two of the giraffes present, Char and Valentine, were rescued from conflict regions, Sky News Sports reported.

Why were there giraffes on a golf course?

The Magical Kenya Ladies Open was held at Kenya’s Vipingo Ridge. In 2020, the area officially became a wildlife sanctuary.

Vipingo, Kenya lies on the nation’s southern coastline, around an hour north of Mombasa.


Now, golfers come far and wide to play at the course to be greeted by giraffes and other wildlife that can be seen on the course.