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GiG debuts new sweepstakes platform in partnership with Primero



SweepX will be initially launched in the US market.  

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has officially launched its new social sweepstakes casino platform, SweepX, in collaboration with land-based sweepstakes operator Primero Games. 

The platform has currently only been released in the US and marks Primero’s entry into the online social sweepstakes casino market – which experienced rapid growth during the pandemic and generated around $3.1bn in 2022. 

SweepX is set to offer AI-assisted gamification layers, as well as a casino content library GiG has labelled as ‘comprehensive.’ The new platform solution will also leverage GiG’s real-money iGaming platform technology, which is currently operational across LatAm, the US and Europe.  

At present, Primero holds 50,000+ sweepstakes machines in the US, GiG will be hoping to leverage this customer base to its advantage in this collaboration. Earlier this month, GiG released its Q1 results for 2024, displaying a 52% in revenue growth year-on-year to €36.2m. 

Speaking on this latest partnership, Andrew Cochrane, GiG Chief Business Officer, said: “GiG is synonymous with innovation and our SweepX solution is the result of our tireless pursuit of excellence for product innovation across the online sweepstake market.

“As an extremely experienced turnkey solutions provider, the strength inherent in our technology and services has allowed us to develop what we consider to be the leading platform, data and AI-driven solutions available within social gaming, and will help power the growth of the market across the US within the next few years.”  

Building on this point was Primero CEO, Barry Rutherford, who stated: “GiG’s platform will allow us to bring more content and an experience for our players that is second to none. Combining our unique player acquisition strategy and GiG’s innovative technology, we are positioned perfectly for the US market and for iGaming markets across the globe.” 

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