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Giant partners with Dick’s to sell bikes in the largest US sports store



Dick’s Sporting Goods, America’s largest sports department store, and Giant Groups have entered into a partnership to bring Giant bikes to 25 stores across the US.

While the agreed-upon 25 stores make up a small fraction of the over 700 stores nationwide, the move by Giant is likely the beginning of a larger partnership with the American sports store to put their entry-level and kids’ bikes in front of more potential buyers. The bikes will likely be sold at other stores under Dick’s ownership like House of Sport, Public Lands and Moosejaw.

Currently, Cannondale and GT have partnered with Dick’s Sporting Goods to sell their bicycles, and the addition of Giant will put another brand in mainstream stores and accessible to customers.

“By adding these nationally recognised retailers, Giant Group aims to enhance its market presence and introduce its brands to new consumers,” a statement from Giant read. “We want to emphasise that our brand ethos and strategy remain unchanged. We are a retail support company and will continue prioritising our IBD partners’ services, products and profitability.”

Giant Group, from Taiwan, is by volume the largest seller of bikes in the world and operates on a model that revolves around scale. While the move to bring mostly low-cost bikes to a handful of Dick’s Sporting Goods stores seems to be a small-scale play, it is likely a part of a broader directive to improve the brand’s visibility outside of the existing cycling market.

With other brands like Cannondale already in sports stores that are not exclusively cycling-centric, like Dick’s and REI, industry insiders view this as a move by Giant as a means of matching the brand visibility of their rivals. Yet, at this time, little is known about when the bikes will be available and in which stores Giant bikes will be sold.

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