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Foxtrot closes all coffee shops permanently and plans to file bankruptcy



Foxtrot, a retail store and coffee shop that has several locations across the United States and four Dallas locations, closed abruptly during service on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

All four Dallas stores appear to be closed permanently. The company has announced it plans to file for bankruptcy protection.

In an email shared with the Dallas Morning News, employees were told the morning of April 23, 2024 that “as of the end of the day today, you will no longer be employed.”

“You are not to report to your assigned work location on or after Wednesday, April 24, 2024, unless specifically requested to do so,” the document says.

In a statement shared on its website, the company said “We explored many avenues to continue the business but found no viable option despite good faith and exhaustive efforts.”

The company branched into Dallas in 2019 with locations in Uptown and University Park. Less than a year ago the company opened its fourth location on Lower Greenville.

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