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February 2024 Full Moon: What is the name of this month's full moon and what is its spiritual significance?



We are about to enter the final days of February and that means we are edging closer to the second full moon of 2024, which is considered in Asian cultures as one of the most important.

The January full moon is called the Wolf Moon and the second full moon of the year, in February, is widely known as the Snow Moon.

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For many cultures in Asia, it signifies a new beginning, and in many other parts of the world it is one of the most celebrated full moons.

When is the full moon in February 2024?

The February full moon will begin on Saturday, February 24, and is the last full moon of this winter.

The Snow Moon will begin in the early morning hours at 07:30 (ET) and 04:30 (PT) in the United States.

During the evening on February 24, the moon will be fully illuminated and aligned with the constellation Leo, with the star Regulus shining very close to its right.

On February 25, the moon will be near its apogee, the moment where it reaches its maximum distance from Earth. It is also called a micromoon, as it will look a little smaller than normal, and with 99 per cent of its illumination.

What is the reason for the name Snow Moon and what is its spiritual significance?

To natives in the United States and Canada, the second full moon of the year is called Snow Moon as these are the dates where a high amount of snowfall is expected in North America, as well as the rest of the countries in the northern hemisphere of the planet.

This moon is of great significance as it marks the beginning of the new lunar cycle, so for many cultures it represents the opportunity for personal growth and a strong spiritual connection. The Snow Moon is also associated with fullness, energy and the manifestation of new desires and purposes.

For some people, the Snow Moon may have a significant effect on emotions and mood, as many feel an increase in emotional sensitivity and others may feel a creative impulse that leads to a time of meditation and visualization of personal goals.

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