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“Everything Holger Rune’s mother has put in to get him at that point, she is looking to go beyond that” – Jimmy Connors

Former tennis player Jimmy Connors recently suggested that Holger Rune’s mother Aneke wishes to see the Dane break new grounds after years of vital contribution.

In the recent past, Rune has struggled to work for long under a coach as he looked to reduce his dependence on childhood coach Lars Christensen. In the last 15 months, he has started and ended partnerships with three gurus namely, Severin Luthi, Boris Becker, and Patrick Mouratoglou.

Too many reshuffles in such a short period have given birth to several theories revolving around Rune’s mother Aneke’s deep involvement in his tennis affairs. Jimmy Connors, however, justified Aneke’s position, claiming she wants the best for her son.

“It’s not about the control she [Aneke] has, it’s just that everything she has put in to get Holger at that point, she’s looking to go beyond that and unless it’s going to work in his favor, she should step in,” Connors said in a recent episode of the Advantage Connors podcast.

Connors himself was trained solely by his mother Gloria in the days before he turned to Pancho Segura at the age of 16. Further in the episode, he recommended that Rune’s new coach should respect Aneke’s presence and contribution while working with the Dane.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how that works out and who comes and is able to stick in there because you’re not dealing with the player [Holger Rune] himself, you’re also dealing with the force that got him there, which is his mom,” the American said.

“Nobody knows more about Holger Rune than his mom” – Jimmy Connors

Holger Rune hugs his mother Aneke.
Holger Rune hugs his mother Aneke.

In the aforementioned episode of the Advantage Connors podcast, Jimmy Connors noted that Aneke’s understanding of everything related to Holger Rune is unparalleled. He spoke from his own experience of working under his mother Gloria.

“Nobody knows more about Rune than his mom just like my mom knew about me, my tennis, and who to turn me over to,” the American said.

Connors stated that Gloria willingly took the back seat to analyze how Pancho Segura could improve the eight-time Grand Slam champion as a player.

“When she turned me to Pancho Segura and what that meant and what would be her part after that, was she willing to pull back a little bit and understand what he could give and how he could make me a better player,” the American said.

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