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Determining 2024’s best new online casinos



Determining 2024’s best new online casinos

As many casino companies settle into the new normal of regulated online casino gaming in multiple territories, cities and provinces that have only recently changed their viewpoints, they’ve created a bigger pool of companies looking to compete in an equally growing market.

What does this mean from a business perspective? More competition. However, for customers, it means there’s plenty of new providers looking to put themselves in the shop window. The proof is in the pudding too, which is clear when we crunch the figures that have emerged from the Canadian market over the last 18 months. 

Launching into a new market 

When we also consider some of the intriguing new casinos that have been able to launch into such a competitive environment and turn their business models into viable ones, we get to see how much scope there is for new casinos that have been able to piece together fresh ideas and execute them effectively. 

Even though all of these casinos are operating in the shadow of multibillion dollar gambling entities, several of whom have been around for over two decades now, as detailed in — many can chisel away and innovate, even if the odds are stacked against them. 

It also helps that Canada has only recently opened itself up to new online casinos, so many of the casinos on that list have already had some exposure and success overseas. However, it’s not simply a case of providing the same platform to a new audience; it’s about tailoring the market to their acquired taste and several other variables, which we’ll dive into today. 

Important components when evaluating top casinos

As with any emerging business, the best new casinos need to be able to do the basics and provide the more traditional elements of online casinos as effectively as the more prominent names. 

Ideally, they want multiple niches to help them stand out among established providers and new casinos looking to beat them to the punch. As long as they can stand out in the areas we list in this section, they stand a good chance of immersing themselves in a bracket with some of the best names in Canadian casino gaming.

Ultimately, it’s within this set of factors that innovations occur, and the best casinos are able to stand out. It’s often fine margins and timing that are the main components that can help them succeed.

Variety of games

This might seem like a pretty obvious one to start with, but for a new casino to compete, they need to have a selection of varied live dealer tables, multiple slot games and themes, and ideally, some of the fringe mini-casino games we’ve seen emerge over the last few years. 

A well-rounded approach that doesn’t focus solely on one angle, such as slots or poker, will give a new casino the best chance of growing its customer base quickly. 

Some slot sites can focus on intriguing new areas, whether they’re developing games based on niche film and TV slots or trying to fuse themes that nobody has tried before. Again, this needs to be combined with a good all-round platform; otherwise, it’ll get crowded out by those with a better range of gaming choices. 

Payment methods

As one of the main talking points for new casinos, payment methods can range from the fastest payout casinos to those that accommodate lesser-known e-wallets or cryptocurrency payments. Although PayPal has cut a number of jobs recently, hundreds of millions of people still use it. 

Casinos that offer traditional routes via VISA, more modern e-wallet payments like Apple Pay and even the ones that stretch into some of the newest payment systems like cryptocurrency are the ones that are gathering the most attention and helping themselves stand out among the competition.

Customer service

While exemplary customer service isn’t going to get a new casino the widespread acclaim and popularity it’s looking for, it’s just one element of a more extensive package. Top new casinos might have widespread, fresh payment options and a vast library of games. However, if they don’t have a customer service department that customers can speak to straight away, or if they’re only open during office hours or customers spend five minutes going back and forth with an infuriating AI customer service agent, then the overall experience will be soured. This type of experience is not a component of a high-quality new casino.

Quality of promotions and welcome bonuses

In such a saturated market, we’d say if there’s one thing that separates the best new casinos, it’s the quality of their welcome bonuses. Scouring the web and finding a high-quality bonus code can be challenging, as they seem to be everywhere. Often, the details in the small print of the terms and conditions help determine whether it’s a good bonus. 

Understanding key terms like wagering requirements, expiry date, the number of games where the bonus can be used, and how much of it can be withdrawn in real cash are the variables experts use when evaluating the quality of the casino’s bonuses. 


Alongside these main components that experts will use to determine which casino ranks higher than their counterparts, there’s also an important emphasis on the ones with the correct licensing and those that promote safe gambling. Without either of these, a new casino will not last very long.

Experts know how to quickly find which new casinos have the correct licensing and which ones have the best tools and measures in place to help protect those who begin to exhibit warning signs of problem gambling. 

It’s not a question of having one of these variables and not the other. Ideally, a platform wants to hit all of them. However, given their finite resources and business models, new casinos will often earmark one or two specific areas where they genuinely want to stand out and aim to innovate in these fields while obviously covering the basics and meeting the essential criteria of the others.

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