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December Horoscope: How Each Sign Can Set Intentions for the New Year

December is a magical time of deep reflection, reassessment, and reenergizing vibes. We’ll kick off this month with Neptune going direct in the sign of Pisces. Now, Neptune usually has a blast in Pisces, its home, but here’s the twist—it’s been doing the retrograde tango since the end of June. That means the hazy fog that’s been clouding your life? Yeah, it’s finally clearing up.

Neptune, the most mystical planet in the horoscope, is like our witchy bestie—stirring up dreams, imagination, and even those sneaky anxieties we try to escape. As we bid adieu to Neptune’s retrograde, take a moment to ponder your dreamscape over the past few months. What wild ideas have been bubbling up? Maybe it’s about leveling up your career game, doing a total wardrobe overhaul, or diving headfirst into a passion project.

Here’s the tea: this moment at the start of the month is all about linking your dreams to your reality. Connect the dots between what you’ve been fantasizing about and the real-world stuff you might be avoiding. Have you been daydreaming about epic career moves or plotting a complete wardrobe overhaul? Or perhaps there’s a fiery passion project burning in the background? The key is to use these dreamy inspirations as a launchpad for action.

But—and there’s always a but—don’t get caught up in the “woe is me” trap. This is the time to shake off any tendencies to dodge necessary, sometimes tricky tasks. Reflect on the past few months, tune into those daydreams, and let them propel you forward. After all, turning dreams into reality requires a sprinkle of magic and a dash of determination.

As we stroll through the month, there’s a heads-up ahead: Mercury Retrograde is making its entrance on the 13th. Now, this retrograde is a bit of a joker because it’s doing a dance between the signs Capricorn and Sagittarius. Picture Mercury as the maestro of communication, intellect, and all those nitty-gritty daily tasks like scheduling, dealing with traffic, and firing off e-mails.

What’s the deal with this upcoming retrograde? Consider it a cosmic nudge to get serious about how you view the world and navigate your day-to-day existence. But—and it’s a big but this time around!—avoid getting tangled up in the tiny details that could drag you down instead of lifting you up to your best self.

Here’s the TLDR: Mercury Retrograde calls for a double take on everything—whether it’s e-mails, timelines, text messages, or alarms, give them all a second glance. These are the things that might go a bit wonky during this period, but fear not—more details on the nuances of this celestial journey will drop in an upcoming article.

We wrap up the month with a healing duo—Jupiter and Chiron are finally ending their retrograde shenanigans, adding a beautiful bow to the slow, profound healing and growth we’ve all been soaking in. Now, here’s the scoop: Jupiter, the giant gas ball, has been on a retrograde hiatus since the start of September, putting the brakes on a lot of progress in the latter part of the year. But fear not, because this cosmic shift is like a gentle kick in the rear, urging us to jump back on the horse and take action on those goals we’ve been eyeing.

Think of it like when your mom asks you to pitch in with holiday cooking or tackle the mountain of dishes afterward. You’ve been lounging and chilling for a bit, and now you’ve got to rally yourself—physically, emotionally, and mentally—to head to the kitchen and handle what needs getting done (all while avoiding your mother’s wrath).

As we gear up for 2024, we’re handed a golden opportunity to apply the lessons we’ve learned over the past 12 months. It’s time to figure out how you’ve been blocking your own path, how to fine-tune your energy for smarter—not harder—work, and get serious about practical and sustainable growth. The goal? Establish rock-solid foundations for success in the coming year.

Before we dive in, remember to check your sun, moon, and rising signs for the most accurate horoscope guidance. Let’s ride this wave and make December a month where dreams meet action!


Get ready to wrap up 2023 with a burst of vibrant and thrilling energy. You’ve got the cosmic green light for some seriously fun moments of release and letting loose. Plus, the universe is nudging you to expand that brilliant mind of yours. Your ruling planet, Mars, is on a mission to push you to check off all those things you’ve been itching to do before the year bids us farewell.

Ambition is practically your middle name, Aries, so let that motivation fuel you. December is your playground for living in the moment, soaking up every bit of inspiration for your next big adventure. Try not to stress if you start feeling a tad worn out towards the end of the month—wrap yourself in a cozy blanket of accomplishment and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back as you usher in the new year. You’ve earned it!


Brace yourself for a December filled with passion and intensity. The cosmic stage is set for some major relief as Jupiter retrograde bids adieu to your sign. But that’s not all—Venus, your ruling planet, is cheering you on to go all in. Now, you’re not one to tiptoe around things, Taurus, but this December is all about fully embracing that aspect of yourself. Get serious and let your natural desires take the reins. Dive deep into your passions and creativity—this is your golden moment to figure out which relationships need that extra sprinkle of attention.

Now, a word of caution: as we hit the middle of the month, watch out for any antsy or bored feelings trying to dictate major changes. Stay true to your Taurus steadiness and avoid making impulsive moves. Take the cues seriously, and let your journey through December be a dance of passion, creativity, and a hint of cosmic wisdom.


As the year wraps up, it’s time to turn the spotlight on your external world. Let’s dive into your relationships—are there areas that need a little extra love and attention as we head into the new year? And what about your finances: spending, investing, and all that jazz? While it’s solid advice for everyone, you, my Gemini friend, should definitely take a moment to audit where you stand. It’s the perfect prep to kick off 2024 with a dash of seriousness.

Now, I get it—Mercury Retrograde might have you feeling a bit scattered. But fear not, because December is your cosmic compass. It’s here to guide you in assessing how to be less flighty and more intentional in your connections with others. It’s time to map out the necessary transformations in your life. Let’s navigate the currents, assess, and set the stage for a purposeful start to 2024.


The Full Moon is throwing a party, and it’s happening in your sign! As we bid adieu to the year, it’s not just about the typical year-end wrap-up—this is an opportunity for genuine release and conclusions tailored just for you. How cool is that? Your sign gets the spotlight with a Full Moon, giving you the ultimate chance to reflect on your personal growth and the things that sparked those inspiring changes in the past year.

But wait, there’s more goodness. At the beginning of the month, the New Moon is sliding in to give you a burst of inspiration. Consider it a nudge to start something new and step a bit outside your comfort zone. So, my Cancer friend, this month is all about having a good time, soaking up the fun vibes, and reflecting on what needs to be let go of to fully embrace the incredible changes you’ve rocked this year. Let the dance begin!


December is all about finding your balance. If you’ve been feeling a tad overwhelmed and caught up in the chaos, it’s totally normal. The vibe might have you feeling a bit out of sync with your usual routine. So, here’s the advice: ease off the gas pedal and reconnect with your center.

I know, I know—you’re a fiery individual who loves the hustle and bustle. But this month, it’s time to pump the brakes a bit and get serious about getting cozy. Picture yourself retreating to the comfort of your home, taking a breather, and contemplating what steps you need to take for a more balanced and routine life moving forward. Consider it an invitation to slow down and embrace a bit of Leo self-care. Kick back, relax, and let the cosmic energy guide you to that sweet spot of balance.


The upcoming month is like a canvas awaiting a swipe of paint from your brush. The artwork? How you envision living your life in 2024. If you’re finding frustration bubbling up with your creative projects and hobbies, or feeling a bit antsy at home, don’t worry—it’s all part of the cosmic conversation.

Now, I know you’re a planner and can easily slip into creature-of-habit mode. But here’s the thing: sometimes, those habits can lead to autopilot living without much intention or focus. This month is your celestial invitation to hit pause, reflect, and infuse some intention into your joy ride. Think about how you can amp up the enjoyment factor while giving your home a fresh vibe. Oh, and speaking of vibes, your ruling planet, Mercury, is doing the retrograde cha-cha this month. So, lean into that reflective tone, take it easy, and let the energy guide you towards a more intentional and enjoyable journey into the new year.


Libra, brace yourself for a fabulous December—it’s all about getting serious with your moolah! There’s a cosmic suggestion that a sweet year-end bonus or raise might be coming your way; don’t be surprised if the universe decides to shower you with some generosity. This is an opportunity to take a beat, assess your financial landscape, and pivot as needed for the new year.

But, my Libra friend, it’s not all about crunching numbers and making plans. The vibes are also whispering something sweet to you: indulge a little! Think about those desires you’ve been hustling for all year and treat yourself. After all, it’s the holidays, the astrology lines up, and according to the magic of girl math, it’s basically free. So, embrace it—you’ve earned it!


It’s time to roll up those sleeves, because you might be putting in some serious work to wrap up the year. But fear not, my ambitious friend, because there’s a cosmic buzz just for you—it’s time to plan that next big leap and set the stage for what you want to conquer in the coming year.

As a naturally ambitious Scorpio, this is your green light to assess where you are right now and envision where you want to be two years down the line. Your ruling planet, Mars, is on standby to help you dream big and think about pushing those boundaries way beyond the box. Now, a little heads up—watch out for potential tensions with siblings or family members during the holiday hustle. The key here is finding that balance between “me-centric” and “we-centric” energy. Once you’ve got that down, you’re golden.


Hey, Sagittarius—in the immortal words of Wendy Williams, “How you doin’?” December is your self-check month, my friend. It’s not just about cruising through the days, either. Check in with yourself and your heart. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is wrapping up its retrograde, ready to boost your energy as the month bids farewell. But, hold up—before that pick-me-up, Mercury decides to do a little retrograde dance in your sign.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to focus on the little things. Add a dash more structure and regularity to your day-to-day. Now, I know, Sagittarius, you’re all about that freedom life, and that’s cool. You don’t have to hand over your freedom card, but having a smidge of structure can be a game-changer. It keeps you on track and ensures you’re checking in with yourself. So embrace the cosmic challenge, keep the freedom vibes alive, and make December your month of self-love.


I’m sending you a nudge to take a breather and celebrate the awesome being that is you. I know, I know—you’re naturally this incredible, ambitious, goal-crushing powerhouse, always thinking about the next big thing. But here’s the twist: December might just have you tapping the brakes a bit.

This is your golden moment to ease off the gas, shift focus, and really tune in to yourself and your loved ones. I get it; for your super practical mind, this might feel a tad tricky. But, my friend, consider it a challenge—let yourself dive into the spiritual waters and reconnect with whatever floats your emotional boat. December is your time to slow down, vibe with the cosmos, and give yourself and your loved ones some well-deserved love.


A fantastic month of connections is coming your way. As we wrap up the year, it’s the perfect time to gather with your squad, celebrate the wins, and soak up the good vibes. But, my friend, a little caution: watch out for overdoing it or spending time in places with the wrong faces.

Here’s the memo: make sure your socializing has a purpose. Connect and celebrate with the people who lift you up as much as you lift them. Sprinkle some intention into those social gatherings, avoid the wrong-face scenario, and make December a month filled with meaningful link-ups and festivities.


Brace yourself for a fabulous December ride into the professional realm. This month is your golden opportunity to take a good, hard look at where you’re heading, career-wise. Now, I know the end of the year is typically when everyone does the career shuffle, but for you, my fishy friend, it’s prime time to laser-focus on what you need to do to make your dreams a reality.

Here’s the scoop: a new moon is shining its light at the beginning of the month, bringing potential new work opportunities your way. Exciting, right? But hold your seahorses! Don’t dive into anything without giving it some serious thought and consideration. And if there are delays in contracts, start dates, or promotions, blame it on the mischievous Mercury Retrograde. It’s playing its tricks, but you’ve got the smarts to navigate these choppy waters.