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Crypto Casino Mania: Insanity Bets Announces $1M Presale Jackpot



Insanity Bets ($IBET) has gone viral with its $1M presale jackpot.

$IBET presale participants will vie for the $1M Insanity Jackpot. And a single lucky investor will ultimately claim the entire $1M prize. One of the biggest crypto giveaways to date, the $1M Insanity Jackpot has become an instant sensation.

Does it Make Sense to Join a Presale Just for a $1M jackpot Ticket?

It makes absolute sense to join the $IBET presale just for the jackpot ticket. The presale is budget-friendly, opening up the giveaway to investors of all sizes.

But even without the jackpot, the presale is one to not miss out on. It offers more than just a chance at the Insanity Jackpot. Early acquisition of $IBET tokens comes with substantial growth potential from an investor’s point of view.


Insanity Bets is an emerging GambleFi project positioned for significant expansion in the upcoming years. The analysis of its white paper and website reveals its capabilities to raise the bar of the online gambling industry through transparency and decentralization.

$IBET tokens also play a vital role in the platform’s staking mechanism. In a new approach, the passive income model appeals to those who see its investment value beyond mere gambling as well.

The robust staking mechanism and the top-notch gaming dashboard set the project for large growth.

How GambleFi Changes Gambling and What it Means for Investors

The gambling industry is experiencing rapid growth.

Players have greatly benefited from its transition to the digital realm, since online games are now more accessible and cost-effective. But the long-standing security concerns remain.

Credibility issues have plagued the gambling industry for years. Online gambling platforms have an easier way of running away from accountability. Fraud and scams have marred its reputation, although the industry remains highly popular.

Enter GambleFi, which represents a paradigm shift toward transparency and decentralization.

Insanity Bets Potential

The blockchain foundation of the sector offers better security and transparency through smart contracts that are visible and verifiable by anyone. In other words, the risk of manipulation and fraud is minimized to a great extent.

Decentralization is another key advantage. For example, platforms like Insanity Bets empower users by granting them a stake in the house. $IBET presale, in particular, allows users to enter the gambling sector with a favorable risk-reward ratio. It enables them to capitalize on the industry’s substantial growth potential on a low budget.

The growing interest in GambleFi is evident in platforms like Rollbit. RLB coins experienced a nearly 5000% surge in 2023 alone. Insanity Bets, with its gripping casinos, sportsbooks, prediction markets, and lotteries, has the potential to pump to unicorn status in 2024.

It will feature games like Coin Flip, Dice, Rock Paper Scissors, Roulette, Keno, Hi Lo, Crash, Blackjack (towards the end), Poker (towards the end), and Slots 5×5.

Long-term Sustainability Through Innovative Staking System

Insanity Bets maintains a provably fair house edge of 1% to 5%, reducing the risk of long-term losses for investors and stakers. A bet size cap is also implemented to ensure platform stability.

The strategically designed passive income mechanism and token derivatives safeguard the $IBET tokenomics:

$sIBET (staked iBet) receives 35% of all platform fees and can be converted into $IBET tokens. $bIBET (burnt iBet), on the other hand, is generated by permanently removing $IBET tokens from circulation. $bIBET holders receive 50% of the platform fees.

Insanity Bets Whale

$esIBET (escrowed iBet) automatically rewards $sIBET holders, allowing users to compound their staking rewards.

Investors stake $USDT, $ETH, $WBTC, and $IBET to mint $ILP tokens, which play a crucial role in the platform’s scalability. It fuels the house fund and facilitates larger bets. $ILP token holders are rewarded with 90% of the house’s profits (and losses) from games.

Insanity Bets Presale Goes Viral

It’s not too late to join the $IBET presale. If the rapid progress of the presale is any sign, the sell-out is closer. The earlier an investor joins the presale, the higher the discounts and the staking rewards.

Insanity Bets Viral

The tokenomics is built for long-term stability, with an 80-week vesting schedule for team allocations. Follow Insanity Bets on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates about the presale and the $1M presale giveaway.


Disclaimer: The text above is an advertorial article that is not part of editorial content.

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