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Carl Froch claims Tyson Fury ‘could struggle’ in Usyk fight amid transformation



Carl Froch has advised Tyson Fury to use his weight to beat Oleksandr Usyk.

The ‘Gypsy King’ takes on Usyk on May 18 for the undisputed heavyweight world titles, and has been training much harder than for his narrow win over Francis Ngannou in October 2023.


Fury faces a history-defining night against UsykCredit: AFP

Fury looks in fantastic shape and has shown off a seriously impressive physique, which shows exactly how seriously he is taking the expected test of the Ukrainian.

Former super-middleweight champion Froch is surprised with his new look, and has urged Fury to put on weight to use against his rival.

He told Fastest Online Casino: “I’m not sure if (Fury coming in light) is a good thing to be honest.

“That weight allowed him to bully Deontay Wilder, lean on him, tie him up and just have his own way.

“When it gets on top for Fury, when he’s under pressure, he’s able to sit back, get hold of the back of his opponent’s neck, lean on him and use his body weight to get himself out of trouble.

“If he’s losing weight and he’s slimmer, he could struggle. I’d like to see him perform at a slimmer weight.

“His body and the way it looks is a product of his training camp.

“So maybe the nutritionist needs to step in and say, right, get some more red meat down here. Get some more protein down you and do some weight resistance exercises.

Fury looks in mind-blowing shape for his showdown with Usyk


Fury looks in mind-blowing shape for his showdown with UsykCredit: Tyson Fury – Instagram

“I think he needs the muscle on now though. He needs to be bulking up muscle.”

Fury has made a remarkable transformation since his lacklustre performance against ex-UFC champion Ngannou.

Boxing promoter Frank Warren predicts Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk will be similar to Fury’s second fight against Deontay Wilder

The WBC champion has the opportunity to become the first undisputed champion in the four-belt era, and the latest since Lennox Lewis completed the feat in 1999.

His promoter Frank Warren has suggested that it is the best shape of Fury’s career, which will give him a huge chance to make history.

He said during an interview on talkSPORT Fight Night: “He’s in tremendous shape not just physically but mentally.

“He’s in a very good shape I think, and although he had that cut it has come good as he has had back-to-back camps.

“Physically I have never seen him look so well. The worry was going straight into a training camp was that he’d peak too soon.

“He has worked really hard so that he is in his best nick on May 18.”

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